The Treaty of Pisa was signed in 1438 to end the war of Neapolitan Succession, which started in 1437 with the death of Charles IV of Naples and ended in 1438 with the Rape of Genoa and the defeat of the allied armies at Turin in late 1437.

After the decisive battle of Turin, Niccolò Maria, one of the claimants to the Neapolitan crown and Grand Duke of Milan, invited diplomats from Castile, Burgundy, and France to Pisa to negotiate a peace treaty. It was clear that Milan would retain Naples, but Genoa's sack led to its partition at Pisa. 

Article I: On Milan

  1. The State of Naples and Milan will enter into a personal union, with the Grand Duke of Milan becoming the King of Naples and all associated titles
  2. Milan will recgonize Aragon's hold on Sicily.
  3. France will renouce its claim to the throne of Naples. In exchange, Milan will pay a large sum of money to the King of France
  4. France and Milan will have a royal marrige to ensure peace among them for future generations.
  5. Aragon, and by extenstion Castile, will renounce all claims to Naples
  6. Castile and Aragon will enter into a trade deal with Milan to ensure peace for future generations

Article II: On Genoa

  1. Genoa will cease to exist as an indpendent state, with its territories being divided among Castile, France, and to a lesser extent Burgundy.
    • The allies above will work out the exact divison later.
  2. Milan will recognize this fact and will make no attempts to continue this war over Genoa.
  3. The Geonese fleet will be divided amongst Milan, Castile, France, and Burgundy

Article III: Other Terms

  • All Prisoners of War will be returned to their home nations
  • The Merchants of Genoa will be placed in the service of Milan, Castile, France, and Burgundy.


  • Henry IV, King of Castile, Leon, and Grenada: #BRINGBACK THESQUIRREL
  • Niccolò Visconti, by the Grace of God, King of Naples and Grand Duke of Milan and Duke of Savoy: Reximus | Talk to Me!
  • Mary Anjou, by the Grace of God, Queen of Naples: Reximus | Talk to Me!
  • Louis XI, By the Grace of God, Most Christian King of France and Navarre: Flippedlion NicDonalds Lionsymbol
  • Philip II de Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, and Limburg, Count of Burgundy, Flanders, Artois, Nevers, Rethel, Namur, Holland, Zeeland, and Friesland, Lord of Utrecht and Liege I am that guy (talk)
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