The Treaty's Purpose and the Treaty

The Treaty of Stockholm officially ended World War 2 and settled the terms of peace between the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. This treaty was debated, discussed and signed in the neutral nation of Sweden.

Main Points

The main points of the treaty were very simple and to the point. They were:

  • Germany and everything east will fall under the Soviet sphere of influence.
  • Italy though will fall under Allied sphere of influence.
  • World War 2 is over.
  • Germany and her allies will face reparations for war damage.
  • All info on the Holocaust will be revealed and all people who are found who were under control of this operation and had anything to do with it will be tried in trial.
  • People who were Axis leaders will be searched and may be tried if so fit by a war council.
  • All nations will become part of the United Nations, a organization to help keep world peace.
  • A Security Council will be formed in the U.N. of five nations that will supply much of the aid and support of the U.N. and those nations are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China(At time, could end up being filled by either the People's Republic of China or the Reublic of China, depending on how the Chinese Civil War ends), and the Soviet Union.

Those are the main points of the treaty and most of the treaty itself.

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