Treaty of Syracuse
Treaty of Peace between the Allied and Associated Powers and Italy
Drafted October - December 1990
Signatories See below
Languages Italian, German

The Treaty of Syracuse was an important peace treaty which ended the state of war between Italy and her allies, and the Allied powers of Austria, Switzerland, Venice, Lombardy, and Croatia, and officially ended the Italian War. The treaty was signed in Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, Syracuse.


Venetian Proposal

Venice, on behalf of the allies, proposes the following treaty:

  • The Italian monarchy, Italian commanders, and officers will be deposed and tried by the Italian people for war crimes.
  • The former Italian regions of Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Tuscany, Elba,and Umbria will be ceded to the Republic of Italy (played by TheMaster).
  • The region of Emilia-Romanagna will be divided into the regions of east and west, with Venice controlling East Emilia-Romanagna, from Ravenna, and Lombardy controlling West Emilia-Romanagna, from Bologna.
  • The nation of Lombardy will be ceded Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, and West Emilia-Romanagna.
  • The nation of Venice will be ceded Trent-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giuli, and East Emilia-Romanagna.
  • The area of the former nation of Vatican City will be ceded to the Holy See.
  • The Slovenian region of Jugovzhodna Slovenija will be ceded to Croatia.
  • Austria will annex the remainder of Slovenia.
  • Italy, Lombardy, and Venice will be recognized as sovereign nations.
  • All nations will join the ULN.
  • The following section will be added to the Geneva Convention and Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

"Under no circumstances ever occurring at any time, in any place, on Earth or wherever humankind or other lifeforms (whether sapient or not, discovered at the time of writing or not and including any exolife - that is life originating outside Earth) should ever be found Zombies or the Zombie Virus (even in a modified form) or such a pathogen  or nano-technological device or robot or computer program as gives to all intents and purposes the same effect upon any life form (whether sapient or not, discovered at the time of writing or not and including any exolife) as the virus has upon Homo sapiens may not be used in combat or during warfare or with the intention of causing another life form (whether sapient or not, discovered at the time of writing or not and including any exolife) harm in any degree."

United Med Requests

  • Wishes to reaquire the region of Lazio, at it was the CM, our former name, who cleared and established the region again before any other nation had risen up on the Italian Peninsula. 
  • Also remembers Elba wishing to have Liguira.  


Those in agreeance with the Venetian proposal. 

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