The Treaty of Tbilisi was a political settlement between the Abbasid/Rashidun Caliphate and the Kingdom of Pontus, establishing their final role within the Middle East. For a long time, Pontus felt more estranged from the affairs of Europe and the Orthodox hegemony, especially with the imperialist Russia to the north. So they turned to closer powers for protection and security. It was initially proposed to the Abbasid Caliphate, but matters were delayed due to the Sixth Fitna. 

Terms set forth by the Rashidun Caliphate

  • Pontus will become a viceroyalty of the Caliphate, higher in status than a vassal but still under administrative authority.
  • Pontus will not be asked to pay any amount of Jizya tax at any time.
  • The homes and property of the Geogorian, Greek, and Armenian people in Pontus will not be removed by the Caliphate or constituent states
  • After a period of 10 years, the region south of Pontus as far as the Dvina River will come under their administration, while still adhering the above terms of the treaty


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