The Following treaty is to negotiate the end of the "Great Crusade" and "Great Jihad" against the nations of Belka and the Rashidun respectively. The Treaty negotiations and signing took place in Vasiligrad, Capital of the Tsardom of Belka, and home of the Orthodox Church

Proposed map of Asia minor Post war?

Post ottomans ver1

Unannotated map of Anatolia: Border extension given to Pontus, Rhodes given to the Caliphate, and the white indicates the ports ceded to Russia.

Post ottomans ver2

Annotated map: No protectorates indicated. The unaffected vassals outside of Anatolia showed for context, but they are not part of the treaty.

Post-Ottoman states (WIP)
Map index Name Form of government Status
1 Chios Principality
2 Smyrna Principality Protectorate of Belka
3 Aydin
4 Mentese
5 Nicea Principality Protectorate of Belka
6 Karasi
7 Saruhan
8 Hamid
9 Beyshehir
10 Tekke
11 Germiyan
12 Osman Emirate Remnant of the Ottomans
13 Rum Emirate
14 Kastamonu
15 Karaman
16 Sivas
17 Eretna
18 Aremenia Kingdom
19 Dulkadir
20 Erzinjian
21 Erzerum
22 Akhlat Emirate Vassal of Rashidun (not part of the treaty)
23 Azerbaijan Kingdom Vassal of Rashidun (not part of the treaty)
24 Ganja Emirate Vassal of Rashidun (not part of the treaty)
25 Shirvan Emirate Vassal of Rashidun (not part of the treaty)

Belkan Proposal:

Article I: Peace terms

  • The Caliphate and Belka will respectively withdraw from anatolia leaving the shattered central territories to their fate
  • The Turkish principalities along the Caliphate's eastern border will full under protectorate status of the Caliphate serving as a further buffer between the no mans land and the raiders it will probably spawn.
  • The Greek principalities along the Western portion will fall under the protectorateship of Belka to serve the same purpose as the caliphates protectorates.
  • Krete is to officially go fully independent of the Caliphates and Belkas influences going completely neutral in the affairs. It will be an open trading port to both the Caliphate and Belka, and will be protected by both to prevent further aggression by outside powers on the kingdom. 
  • Rhodes will be returned as a caliphate possession.

Russian Demands

  • Russia wants the ports of Antalya and Mersin for its contribution in the war to Belka, as so we would have easier access to the Med. We also propose that Belka and the Caliphate meet in these ports as mediators between the two.

Article II: Future relations

  • Due to the close trading relationship before the war, Tsar Kaloyan offers to resume these close relations to stabilize both the Belkan and Caliphates economies which after this war would be functioning at a fraction of their original pace.
  • The Caliphate will resume all former trade as well invalidating some of the Venetian rights which were assumed by their trade ships illegally while Belka was at war.
  • The Caliphate and Belka will attempt all such actions to repair relations between the two powers to prevent war in the future

Caliphate Counter

Just two things to add:

  • Demanding that the military commanders involved with mass crucifixions and other atrocities are put on trial in Belka's court system
  • Confirming the vassals not in Anatolia (in the Causus region as indicated on the map) do not count as part of the treaty as they were unaffected by the war
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