The Treaty of Venice (1308) was a peace agreement between Angevin Albania and Achaea, brokered by Venice. Following the Achaean allied victories at Seman River (1306) and Shkumbin River (1307), King Robert I of Albania fled to the Venetian court, where he was captured and forced to sign the following treaty.


  1. The title of Latin Emperor shall be ceded from Catherine I, Latin Empress, to Florent of Hainaut, and to be descended through his line.
  2. Anna Palaiologina, regent of Eprius, shall continue to govern Epirus throughout her life. She shall adopt Matilda of Hainaut as her heiress, who shall inherit Epirus.
  3. The Angevins shall cede the crown of Albania to Epirus, with the exception of lands mentioned in term four.
  4. Durazzo shall be leased by Epirus to Venice for a once-renewable term of 100 years, to be renewed by the mutual agreement of Venice and the owner of Albania.
  5. Venice and the Latin Empire shall enter into a formal alliance, with particular application against Genoa and the Byzantine Empire.


Florent of Hainaut, Prince of Achaea

Pietro Gradenigo, Doge of Venice

Anna Palaiologina, Regent of Epirus

Robert, King of Albania

Catherine I, Latin Empress

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