The Sican Tribe of the Dome migrated east after the Sican Diaspora and lived in central Mesopotamia until the Syriac War, when it traveled east oncemore.

Nomads in Southeast Asia

By 40 AD, the Domes arrived around modern-day Laos or Thailand. For 30 years, they fought tough local barbarians and scurried for food.

The Casare of Zere

In 70 AD, the Domes exterminated a local country in south-central Thailand. The Domes then settled a new city, Zere, and crowned a new casarche.

The Domes constantly gained and lost territory to India, Annam, and China throughout the next several hundred years.

Exhile in Nepal

After the fall of Zere, the Domes lived in Nepal in horrible camps where disease and starvation took thousands upon thousands of lives.

==Casare of Balluc

In 701, the Domes moved into Baluchistan. There they established the Casare of Balluc. However, it fell in 759, after Muslim armies overran the country's defenses. Following that, the Domes fled to Nepal once again.

Sican Reconquest

During the Sican Reconquest, the Domes conquered much of India, Persia, Arabia, and East Africa. However, by the 1200s, the kingdoms they established were too overwhelmingly large.

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