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Electorate of Trier (English)
Kurtrier / Kurfürstentum Trier (German)
Électorat de Trèves(French)
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Electorate of Trier
. 898 - Present
Flag of England.svg Wappen Erzbistum Trier.png
Coat of arms
Trier-Sponheim 1648.png
The Electorate of Trier
Official languages French, Latin, Luxembourgish, Moselle Franconian German
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Elective principality
 -  Elector of Trier Rhaban von Helmstadt

The Electorate of Trier (Kurfürstentum Trier or Kurtrier), traditionally known in English by its French name of Trèves, is an ecclesiastical principality of the Holy Roman Empire that existed from the end of the 9th century to the present. It is consisted of the temporal possessions of the prince-archbishop of Trier (Erzbistum Trier), also prince-elector of the empire. There are currently only two other ecclesiastical prince-electors in the Empire: the Electorate of Cologne and the Electorate of Mainz, among which Mainz ranks first. The capital of the electorate is the city of Trier.

Archbishop-Electors of Trier

  • Werner von Falkenstein (1388 - )
  • Jakob von Sierk (1398 - 1469)
  • Christian von Wurtembourg (1445 - 1529)
  • Otto von Greiffenklau (1499 - Present)
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