Kingdom of Tripolitania
‎Regnu Tripolitana (Africae)
مملكة طرابلس; Mamlakat Ṭarābulus (Arabic)
Timeline: Merveilles du Monde (Map Game)
39 years
Flag Tripolitania V2.png
Map Tripolitania.png
Tripolitania along the Mediterranean in North Africa
(and largest city)
Official languages Africae (African Romance)
Regional Languages Arabic; Berber
Ethnic groups  Arab-Berber; Afri; European
Religion Catholic (Official);
Islam (Popular)
Demonym Tripolitanian
Government Crusader Kingdom
 -  King of Tripolitania Sigismund I Premyslid
 -  Libyan Crusade 1394-1406 
 -  Coronation of King Sigismund 1403 
 -  Treaty of Sirte 1405 
 -  Death of King Sigismund and Collapse 1432 
 -  Collapse 1433 
The Kingdom of Tripolitania (Africae: Regnu Tripolitana) was a mostly-15th century crusader nation located in northern Africa and centered around the city of Tripolis. Founded amidst the Libyan Crusade (1394-1406), the Kingdom hearkens back to the earlier Roman settlements along the southern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It would collapse amidst the Barbary Crusade (1424-1433), with the death of its only king, Sigismund.

Throughout its history, the Kingdom maintained particularly close ties with the Order of Bari, which initiated the Libyan Crusade with the blessing of Pope Gregory XII. The Order served in a similar capacity as the knightly monastic orders did in Crusades for the Middle East. In fact, Tripolitania was governed by the Headmaster of the Order of Bari, Philippe Leonard Seghers, until 1403 - when Sigismund arrived in Tripoli.


Carthaginian/Roman influences

Vandal and Arabic conquests

Hafsid rule

Libyan Crusade

Barbary Crusade

Collapse upon the defeat of the crusaders and death of Sigismund at Sabratah.


Lex Tripolitana, establishing the Curia.

Curia was comprised of people appointed by the King and confirmed by other Curia members

Royal Family

The royal family of Tripolitania was led by Sigismund of the Tripolitanian line of the Premyslid house.

  • King Sigismund Premyslid of Tripolitania (1381 - 1432; crowned 1403) x Princess Caitrìona Bruce of Scotland (1395 - present)
    • Prince John Premyslid (1414 - present; never crowned)
    • Princess Elizabeth Premyslid (1416 - present)
    • Prince Alexander Premyslid (1421 - present)


Biggest cities: Tripoli or "Tripolis," Sirte or "Syrtis," Zarzis or "Gergis," and Misrata or "Misurata."


Crusaders; Nubian Knights of the Order of Bari

5-6k on offense, 10k on defense.



Drop -m

"B" in place of "v"; "K" in place of "c"

No distinction between long vowels and short vowels


Roman Catholic, with adherence to the Roman Pope, Benedict XI.


Foreign Relations

Close ties with Bari, Lotharingia, Scotland. Currently engaged in the Barbary Crusade, against the Hafsids and their allies.

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