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Trolls is a term referring to a Michigander people, originating from Northern Michigan. Their native name is Cro.


Cro are descended from the survivors of the Great Nuclear War in Northern Michigan. Most of Cro History is unknown to Belter nations.

The Cro get the name "Troll" from the Upper Peninsula Republic, the term originally being derogatory and possibly racist.

The Cro have consistently warded off invasion by Central Michigander Groups, as well as incursions by the Kingdom of Owen, on two occasions.

Many Cro live outside of the homeland in Bridge, as well as the UPR and Mackinac-Boise. They are often highly regarded for their work ethic and industry. However (with the exception of Bridge), the Cro Language is discouraged almost universally, and Cro, like most Michiganders are implored to integrate and loose their native culture. In Bridge, Cro Culture is commonly accepted, especially in the Underbelly District.



The Cro religion revolves around worship of the earth, sky, and nature as a single being known as Got. Got is believed to be alive in every breath of air, in every creature that crawls, and every cup of river water. Festivals are often revelries in Got's bounty; or desperate to return the bounty.


Cro celebrate holidays similar to those of pre-war america, though with Cro twists. In addition the Cro have a lunar calendar. The Harvest Feast is celebrated on the first full moon after harvest (a full moon is considered auspicious), and Kwesmis (the equivalent of Christmas) is celebrated on the Winter Solstice.

Kwesmis is very different from Christmas. Gifts are still exchanged, but the festival revolves around "Resurrecting the Sun", and "Waking Got from the terrible sleep". Colored wooden balls are hung from bare trees, in hopes of bringing back the fruits. Bare frozen Earth is consecrated with spiced hot wine, and offerings to the sky are made in the form of fish and corn.


Trolls wear elaborate masks in style similar to Gas Masks. These masks are filled with rose petals which they believe protect them from radiation, but their cultural signifigance goes far deeper. A Troll would never remove his mask, as with some exception it is an immense taboo This is believed to evolve from the use of actual protective gear in the early days post war, wherein the masks began to become personalized. A modern Trollish mask can be decorated with horse or boar's teeth, twine, shells, bones, braids, leather, horn and other things. Colored Chalk is used by females to decorate their masks, essentially being the equivalent of makeup, the only exception being blue chalk, which is a mourning color. As previously stated, removing the masks is taboo, with a few exceptions as follows:

  • To kiss the bride on the wedding day
  • Under the roof of a home, when making love
  • To look upon the face of child on the day of their birth

In addition, fur and wool mantles are commonly worn. It is notable that knowledge of soled boots is not common among Cro, and they often wear woolen socks with leather wraps in place of shoes.


In the Trollish homeland, Trolls speak a language called Croàg, descended from English. It's grammar is very similar to that of Modern English, but is more isolating. An example sentence is given below:

“Can you wield a sword boy?”

/t͡smɔ wən kʷɶn t͡swig b͡vəgnaf kʷoin no kʷoin/

Tsmó wen kwân tswig bvegnaf kwoin no kwoin?

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