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Sultanate of Egypt
As-Saltanah at-tunisiyah
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Tunisia, Northern Algeria, Morocco.
Tunis Sultanate
Tunis in dark yellow.
Capital Tunis, Rabat
Largest city Tunis,Rabat
Other cities Algiers, Oran, Ceuta, Casablanca.
tunisian Arabic
  others Hebrew, Berber, French
  others Christianity, Judaism
Demonym Tunisian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Sultan Muhammad III
  Royal house:
The Sultanate of Tunisia is a major sovereign state located in northwestern Africa its borders range from Cyrenaica to the west, Spain and Sicily to the north, and the Sultanate of tamanrasset, the Emirate of Adrar and the republic of the Oued to the south.

Tunisia has a long history, being one of the most ancient nations in the Mediterranean Sea, only surpassed by the Egyptian, and Palestinian history, as it has happened to most of the African countries. It was originally ruled by the local population, through the pass of time began to fall under influence and control of other empires.

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