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The Turns page for Côté Aveugle. The turns page will be used to post the nations we add, and post the short blurbs we have and info we need for the community timeline.

  • Informal name: e.g. Quebec
  • Formal name: e.g. Québécois Republic
  • Head of state: e.g. President of the Québécois Republic (you can put someone's specific name if you want, but there's no need)
  • Head of government: e.g. Prime Minister of the Congress of the People
  • Government: e.g. democratic parliamentary republic
  • Capital city: e.g. Quebec City
  • Languages: e.g. majority French, large minority English, small minority Arabic
  • History: (anything from a sentence to several paragraphs, your choice)

Turn 1 (LightningLynx89)

  • Informal name: France
  • Formal name: French Empire
  • Head of state: Napoleon VI Jourdain
  • Head of government: Napoleon VI Jourdain
  • Government: Despotic Absolute Monarchy
  • Capital city: Paris
  • Languages: Majority French, small minority Belgian, Italian, and Swiss
  • History: The French came out of the 19th century the best among the various European nations that scattered the old world continent. The turning point for the French came with the crowning of Napoleon I Bonaparte, a simple Corsican man who rose from the ranks of the French Revolution to the Emperor of the French, and self proclaimed "Emperor of Europe." With all texts books inside the Empire referring to him as the first "True Caesar" in centuries. The 19th century was the century of French victory for the people of France and the great Empire. With an Empire spanning from Europe, to many places across the world (African holdings not shown in map). The 20th has proved no different for the French people as they are considered one of the key industrial power houses with a modern infrastructure that makes many nations jealous, a booming economy, and an ever growing working class. The French can hope that the second half of the 20th century that is soon approaching them is just as beautiful and bright as the first half of it.

  • Informal name: Italy
  • Formal name: Kingdom of Italy
  • Head of state: Napoleon VI Jourdain
  • Head of government: Barnabé de Beauharnais
  • Government: Aristocratic Constitutional Monarchy
  • Capital city: Venice
  • Languages: Majority Italian, small minority Slovenian, German, Austrian
  • History: The kingdom of Italy's history can be summarized in one word in the modern day. Lackey. The Kingdom of Italy was one of the first nations conquered by Napoleon and French during his campaign(s) in Europe. Napoleon quickly trampled through the peninsula and installed his family members and close allies in power over the kingdom. The family that has been in charge for the past 140 years the Beauharnais family has been in charge and running the Kingdom of Italy, the family specifically chosen to real due to their allegiance and loyalty to the Napoleons. Though the Beauharnais rule over Italy with an iron fist, it is the Napoleons who truly rule over Italy. With all final decisions and actions being made by the Napoleons.
LightningLynx89Turn1FranceItaly CA

Turn 2 (BAR2121)

  • Informal name: Austria
  • Formal name: Christian National Federation of Austria
  • Head of state: Friedrich Hosch
  • Head of government: Friedrich Hosch
  • Government: Christian National Dictatorship
  • Capital city: Vienna
  • Languages: German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, Croation, Etc.
  • History: Soon to Come

  • Informal name: Tataria
  • Formal Name Head: Anarchist Republic of Tataria
  • Head of State: Rişat Rustam
  • Head of Government: Tatar Council
  • Government: Anarcho-Cliqueist State
  • Capital City: Sevastopol
  • Languages: Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian, Etc.
  • History: Soon to come...

Turn 3 (Mr. Orwell)

  • Informal Name: America, Confederation, CAS
  • Formal Name: Confederation of American States
  • Head of State: Storm Thunderman
  • Head of Government: CAS Congress
  • Government: Racist Conservative Democratic Republic
  • Capital City: Richmond, Virginia
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • History: Soon to Come...

Turn 4 (Octavian Marius)

Turn 5 (Tullin)

Turn 6 (HawkAussie)

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