'Tyr' is the name given to a whole class of 'all-gun' Battleships. A significant advance from previous designs the ships of the Tyr class feature improved and thickened armour, alongside a battery of guns in ever increasing numbers and caliber and are powered by turbines rather than the older reciprocating engines.


The first 'Tyr' style battleship: KM Tyr

Although the Japanese navy was building three Tyr-style ships and had a few operational semi-Tyrs before other competitors it is generally agreed that Kalmar's KM Tyr was the first operational ship of the new class and has given its name to the entire class of ship.

Designed in the shipyards of Saaremaa, it launched in 2003. However, it soon became almost obsolete as designs were improved and built upon.

Significantly, many nations are choosing oil rather than coal to power their ships. This gives the ships a greater speed and range. Kalmar has no direct supplies of oil and many of its newer versions favour sheer firepower over maneuverability.

The race to build ever more powerful is a part of the general arms race and has increased tensions between the leading world powers. The search for secure oil producing regions has the potential to further destabilise relations.

Those nations with current operational Tyr-style battleships are (in order of fleet size):

†Due to Mexica's secrecy surrounding its military programs it is impossible to know exactly how many Tyr-style battleships it has. It is conservatively estimated that they have a fleet equal to Luxembourg's, most of which is oil powered. ‡Vinland and Álengiamark retain their own navies (rather than amalgamate them with the Kalmar navy) in an effort not to antagonise Mexica, though they mostly purchase these from Kalmar for nominal sums.

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