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The UKFA Cup is a football competition that is held in the United Kingdom every year, contested by football clubs from the nations of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


The UKFA Cup began in 1991, after the discontinuation of the Scottish League Cup due to low attendance and lack of interest from the Scottish clubs. Initially the Scottish Football Association had attempted to create a combined Cup competition for teams from Scotland and Northern Ireland, however the Football Association and Football Association of Wales had also shown interest, and eventually the United Kingdom Football Association created the UKFA Cup. The competition replaced the Football League Cup, Scottish League Cup and Welsh Football League Cup, and was open to teams from the Northern Ireland football league.


The competition is open to all clubs in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Championship, Scottish League One, Scottish League Two, Northern Ireland Football League Premiership, Northern Ireland Football League Championship 1 and Welsh Premier League. The Premiership and Scottish Premiership teams are given a bye into the third round, with the remaining clubs playing in knockout games to qualify. The initial games are played locally within the member association, and the second round games drawn nationally. Games are played at a neutral location.


Season Winners Score Runners-Up Watch Third Place Fourth Place
1991-92 Flag of England Leeds Utd 5-2 (a.e.t.) Flag of England Arsenal ▶️
1992-93 Flag of England Arsenal 2-1 (a.e.t.) Flag of England Manchester Utd ▶️
1993-94 Flag of England Leeds Utd 2-1 (a.e.t.) Flag of England Aston Villa ▶️
1994-95 Flag of England Manchester United 1-0 Flag of England Crystal Palace ▶️
1995-96 Flag of England Nottingham Forest 4-3 Flag of England Wimbledon ▶️
1996-97 Flag of England Leeds United 2-1 Flag of England Manchester United ▶️
1997-98 Flag of England Nottingham Forest 3-2 Flag of England Wimbledon ▶️
1998-99 Flag of Scotland Rangers 3-2 Flag of England Leeds United ▶️
1999-00 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2000-01 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2001-02 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2002-03 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2003-04 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2004-05 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2005-06 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2006-07 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2007-08 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2008-09 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2009-10 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2010-11 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2011-12 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2012-13 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2013-14 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2014-15 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2015-16 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2016-17 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2017-18 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2018-19 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
2019-20 25px [[Wikipedia:|]] 0-0 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
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