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United States of America
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, Philadelphia.
US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms
US and Influenced Areas
US territory- Red

Influenced Areas-Pink

In God we trust

Anthem ""Star Spangled Banner""
Washington DC {{{capital}}}
Largest city Philadelphia
Other cities Richmond, Baltimore, Dover
Language English
Religion Protestantism
Government Democratic Republic
President Anthony Brown
Population approx. 15.5 million 
Independence from UK
  declared July 4, 1776
Currency Maryland Dollar
Time Zone Est

The United Sates of America is a nation in North America. After the Yellowstone event, it lost half its land area. Riots, economic downfall, and warlords destroyed the remaining nation. A government claiming to be the "Successor" controls the lands of former Maryland, DC, Delaware and Virginia, as well as southeastern PA. It claims all of its former territory.


Pre Yellowstone event

Pre Yellowstone Event

Post Yellowstone event

After Yellowstone, the government began to collapse, after the first winter, contact with Europe was lost. Warlords began to take power all over what was left of the  US. Two attempted coups by 1946 made what was left think the US want adequate for rule. Wars with these nations sometimes ended up in success, but most were defeated by a coalition of survivor states. During the period of starvation in the 50's, the US population began a decline, and Polio outbreaks inflicted the slums of Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Then contact and relations with survivor states rose, and increased trade with powerful farming nations like New England and Georgia, and they found, and grew enough food to sustain a healthy population. It is still a power in Eastern America, but no longer has the military influence that it had before the Yellowstone Event.

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