Hetmanate of Ukraine
Гетьманщина України
Timeline: From Austria with Love
Flag of Ukraine Alex K Ukrainska Derzhava
Flag Coat of Arms
CV Ukraine 1920
Location of Ukriane
(and largest city)
  others Russian
Government Absolute Monarchy/Military Dictatorship
  legislature Rada of Ukraine
Hetman Pavlo III Skorapadski
Prime Minister Danylo Skoropadskyi
Area 600,000 km²
Population 32 million 
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared 1917
  recognized 1918
Currency Ukrainian Hryvnia

The Hetmanate of Ukraine is a client state of the German Empire in Eastern Europe. It borders Russia to the northeast, the Cossack Republic of Crimea to the south and White Ruthenia to the north.


After having been attacked by the Bolshevik forces and the sacking of Kiev by Mikhail Muryavov, The Government of the people´s republic of Ukraine agreed to sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the central powers which made Ukraine into a client state of The German Empire. By March of that year, all Bolshevik forces had been removed from the territory of Ukraine. In order to protect Ukraine from further Bolshevik aggression, the Danubian Army group Kiev was created and was headed by Field Marshal Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza.

Late in April of that year,The administration of army group Kiev suspected he government of Vsevolod Holubovych of kidnapping of Abram Dobry, the chairman of the Foreign Trade Bank in Kiev. That bank was very important to the central powers, because all financial operations between Ukraine and Berlin went through there. The following day, Field marshal Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza issued a decree according to which all criminal cases on the territory of Ukraine, could fall under Danubian Military courts instead of the Ukrainian court system.

on the 29 april,a party congress of over 6.000 bread producers was being held in Kiev.This news was relayed by a courier to Pavlo Skoropadskyi who later arrived by car to the congress.After holding a famous speech in which he said his goal was to restore stability,he was elected Hetman of Ukraine. That same night Pavlo Skoropadskyi supporters took control of Kiev and deposed the current goverment and instituated a military dictatorship with monarchistic traits.This news was welcomed by the Central Powers.

Immidietly after the takeover of the goverment,Pavlo Skoropadskyi become commande rin chief of the armed forces and soon press censorship was instituited.On the 1 august 918,the new counstitution of Ukraine was fromally adopted which transformed it into a military dictatorship.After having been ravaged in the great war,Ukraine was a ecconomic ruin which was only aided when the Danubian Federation approved of financial aid in 1919.


Armed Forces

The Armed forces of the Hetmanate of Ukraine is composed of three branches.

  • The Ukrainian National Army is the land force of Ukraine and also the most modern of the three Branches.The army has a standing size of 150.000 troops in times of peace but can raise up to 250.000 in times of natinal emergencies.The commander-in-chief is the Hetman of Ukraine and is the highest leader of the armed forces.After having been apporoved by the Ukrainan pariament in 1928.

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