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Peoples Republic of Ukraine
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Central, East Ukraine
Flag of Ukraine Professional (36)
West Europe Yellowstone 1936
Ukraine (blue) in relation to its neighbors
Capital Kiev
Largest city Kiev
Religion Russian Orthodox
Ethnic Group Slavic
Demonym Ukrainian
Government Communist Republic

Ukraine is a country located in East Europe, between Germany and the Holy Russian Empire.



Ukraine historically existed as a a door between Europe and Asia. It was one of the first affected by the Black Death, and was the western most extension of the Mongol Empire. It later came under the control of the Russian Empire, then the Soviet Union after the its Communist Revolution.


In the days following the Yellowstone Eruption, a layer of thick clouds blocked out the sun. Crops ceased to grow. Failing to meet production standards, food began to run out, and people began to get hungry.


Turmoil arose in the USSR as the Democratic-Republican Movement gained steam. Protests against the Soviet leadership sprung up, causing Joseph Stalin to order the execution of political dissenters. This lead to the start of the Second Russian Civil War.

Civil War

Soviet troops immediately occupied Ukraine and its farmlands after the outbreak of hostilities. The occupation was brutal, any hint of resistance lead to public executions. Before long, the farmers hate of the soviets suppressed their fear, and they rebelled. The soldiers were overwhelmed, and reinforcements were sent. Fighting took place on the very farmland they were fighting over. Seeing that they were losing, the Red Army started a scorched earth policy, farmland that wasn't pounded with shell holes was burned. Within a year, the city of Kiev was abandoned as the Soviets retreated east.

Order from chaos

Following the withdrawal of Soviet presence, a provisional government was established. Once order was regained, a full communist government came to be. The hastily formed government forces moved to take control of the nations' farmland.

Eventually the entire Soviet Union was dissolved.



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