Umbrian Communist Party
Partito Comunista Umbro
Founder Alfredo Filipponi
Chairman Fernando Visentin (last)
Secretary Francesco Mandarini (last)
Founded 1921
Dissolved 1933 (banned)
Preceded by Radical Party (1872-1921)
Succeeded by La Sinistra (1993-)
Headquarters Perugia
Student wing Lega Studentesca Comunista
Youth wing Giovani Comunisti Umbri
Ideology Communism
Official colors Red

The Umbrian Communist Party was the leading party of the People's Republic of Umbria.

After 12 years of operating underground, the party was swept into power, right after the overthrowal of the Bastianini government. It led Umbria undisturbed from 1945 to 1989 when it suffered internal crisis and, after the People's Republic ceased to exist, the party was dissolved and reorganized into La Sinistra ("The Left"), which still governs Umbria in these days.

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