The Confederal Union of Arctica
Union of Arctica
MottoTo Earnest Goals
CapitalHay River
Official languages English
Demonym Arctican
Government Confederate corporatocracy
 -  President Jason Lafferty
Legislature Board of Directors
 -  Upper House Judicial Committee
 -  Lower House Labor Union
 -  Succession from Canada, from assistance of the Hudson Bay Oil Company November 25, 1912 
Currency Various (Trades Stocks Internationally)

The Union of Arctica is a corporatocratic country primarily situated within the Arctic circle, bordering to the north of neighboring countries Canada, Denmark (by Greenland) and the United States through Alaska. Largely receiving its governmental budget from massive oil corporations such as XERon, Union Oil Co., Hudson Bay Oil Company, and Octoanon, the country mostly produces large quantities of oil and natural gas, which is then exported to nearby countries. The nation is composed of many drilling fields each designed by their own territorial status, know as prefectures. Its largest community and capital is Hay River, and the country's total population is 181,346.

Charted map of surrounding oil and natural gas reservoirs within national boundaries, and additional Russia

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