The Union of Hesperia and Borealia, also known as The Union of Hesperia, Borealia and Lower Borealia,  was founded following the War of the Grand Coalition and the collapse of the Hispanic Empire. The Union can be seen as a successor to The Hesperian League, which faded from relevancy following the re-absorption of Vorlyoclayr and Zapoteca into the Empire of Hispania.  Initially, the League was made up of the Andean (Peruvian) Confederation and Dominion of Mexaca.

Member States

Bold indicates a founder of the Union

Full Members

  • Andean Monarchy
  • Mexaca
  • Nehilaw
  • Voryloclayr

Partial Members (Observers)

  • French Empire
  • Britannia

Second Treaty of Machu Picchu

The Second Treaty of Machu Picchu formed the Union as the successor to the Hesperian League. 

  1. The Union of Hesperia and Borealia,also known as The Union of Hesperia, Borealia, and Lower Borealia, will  be recognized as the Sucssesor to the now Defunct Hesperian League.
  2. The nations of the Union agree to come to each others aid in the event it is needed.
  3. The nations will work together to achieve greater stability in the Western Hemisphere
  4. This treaty and Union will not violate any existing contract between the nations of Europe and the New World, and any future contract between nations of this Union will not violate this treaty
  5. Full Membership is open to all independent and semi-independent nations in the Region.
    1. Colonial Empires may join as observers or partial members. As a partial member, they are not bound to the 2nd, 6th, and 7th clauses of this treaty unless required by a different contract to do so. 
    2. New Members will be put to a vote, requiring a 2/3rds majority to join. They also require a "Yes" vote from one of the two founding members.
    3. Members may request that a nation joins, in which case the vote still occurs.
  6. Preferential trade between the members is required, and any member of the Union that refuses this clause will be forced to.
  7. Nations of this Union will inform each other of any planned military action or expansion.
  8. The members of the Union will elect a President of the Union after the death of the previous President. The first president will be from the Andean Confederation
  9. The Capital of the Union will be based in the city of Chan Chan, Chimor.
  10. To overturn a clause of this treaty requires a 2/3rds majority and a "Yes" vote from one of the founding members.


Banner of the Inca Empire.svgHuascar II, Sapa Inca of Tawatinsuyu, Lord of Peru and her Peoples,  and Honorable Leader of the Peruvian and Andean Confederation: Saor in aisce Tuaisceart Éireann

Zapotec Flag.pngCesar Tontaltec, Prime Minister of the Dominion of Mexaca: Cour *talk* 23:30, January 4, 2015 (UTC)

Observers or Partial Members

Pavillon royal de la France.svgJean Francois I, Emperor of Francia, Lord of Africa, Sardinia and Corsica, King of the Rhenish, King of Basse Bourgogne, Duke of Artois, Protector of Madasikara and ruler of Cahokie  Sine dei gloriem "Ex Initio Terrae" (talk) 21:26, January 5, 2015 (UTC)

Albion 3.3C.pngBritannia: Emperor James of Scotland, Supreme ruler of Britannia and her holding and Dominions thereof, Defender of The Western Faith, Most August.FOR THE GLORY OF THE PARTY! 02:08, January 5, 2015 (UTC)


The Inca believe that the Nehilaw deserve UHB membership, as they have been a protectorate of France for an extended period.


Partial Members

  • France:
  • Britannia:

I am going to assume that Sine would vote Yes as he has expressed desire to have the Nehilaw join on chat, so they become a full member.

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