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Union of Nonaligned Monetary States
Official languages French, Italian, German
Type Economic union
Members See Below
 -  Chairman TBD
 -  Head of Commerce Bernardino Nogara
Establishment 1834

The Union of Nonaligned Monetary States (French: Union monétaire des États non-alignés; Italian: Unione degli Non Allineati monetaria Uniti; German: Union der Blockfreien Staaten Währungs) is an economic union of states located in Europe. The union was formed in 1934, as the conclusion to the Oslo Conference, whose treaty was signed by founding members Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, and the Vatican. The organization was established for financial and economic prosperity in Europe, but also served as an alliance between primarily unaligned, neutral, or small states on the continent.



Founding Members

  • New Flag of Monaco Monaco
  • Flag of San Marino San Marino
  • Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Flag of the Vatican City Vatican
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