Creation of the World Movement

In 1997 a man from the African country of Somalia created an organization to band African countries together. Soon the people of this country put him in charge of their leader. Soon Chad, another country rebelled into the group. The man, Dosi Huntsonburger, was made Grand King of the Africa Rebellion. Each country had a king (or queen) who would advise two Councilors to go represent their country at Somalia, where the capital was held. Soon, more and more countries joined. The capital was moved to the Central-Africa Republic, which was renamed DOSI, in all caps in honor of the man who put the African countries together.


Soon Dosi was getting board, he was staring to go insane. He declared war with the India, the goal was to enslave as many Indian people as possible. The councilors and lower Kings and Queens did not like the idea of war, nor did the people.He forced one man from every family to go fight what ever it was the father or the eldest son, he had a huge army.

Battle at Mali

King Dosi and his men sailed off of Oman, a country which was more upward into Asia down into the island of Mali. The island was a territory controlled by India in which they killed almost all men and elderly.

They saved the woman and children by putting them in a boat and taking them back to Africa to work as slaves.

Dethroning of King Dosi

When Dosi and his men arrived the council had a new leader, President Furito Ui Fo We Qre Tutio Juilia, III. The council changed the government into a democracy and changed the title "King" into "Governor" (except in the states of South Africa and Somalia) and the title of "King" into President. Dosi was not scared he became King of Simalia. He returned most of his slaves but kept two he married and adopted the other as his son.

Destruction of the United Country

Soon President Furito Ui FO We Qre Tutio Juilia, III died and his son successfully won the election for President against Dosi's son which he was puppeting through. The new President realized all the disagreements with country and decided to break the country back into smaller countries.

That was the last anyone ever heard of King Juilia the Fourth.

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