United Baltic Duchy
Vereinigtes Baltisches Herzogtum
Balti Hertsogiriik

Timeline: From Austria with Love
United Baltic Duchy flag Baltic coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
United baltic Duchy
Location of UBD
(and largest city)
  others Estonian,Latvian
Government Absolute Monarchy
  legislature Landesrat
Duke Heinrich I
Gouverneur Nikolai von Glehn
Area 77521.5 km²
Population 1.2 million 
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared 1918
  recognized 1919
Currency Baltic Papiermark

The United Baltic Duchy is a sovereign nation in eastern europe.To the east it borders Russia, to the south it borders the Duchy of Courland and to the southeast it borders White Russia.


Following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1918,The United Baltic Duchy was established as a client state of the German Empire. The first two years in its existence was not the best ones, as it had to fight Latvian and Estonian nationalists who wanted their independence. Not long after the Duchy had begun showing signs of improvement, it faced a new threat in the form of the Great Baltic Rebellion of 1923.

During the severe economic turmoil following the great war, the duchy had neglected its small army which by the time of The Great Baltic Rebellion of 1923 had fallen into such a neglected state that the Estonian and Latvian rebels were able to score several major victories against the Duchy before the German Imperial Army intervened. The arrival of the German Imperial Army in 1924 led to mass protests all over the country demanding that the German Imperial Army should leave. With the help of the German Imperial Army, the Duchy managed to push the rebels back and by 1925 the rebellion was as good as over.

Reconstruction and Stabilization

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