United Kingdom
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)
Reunited United Kingdom British Coat of Arms
Flag Coat Of Arms

God And My Right

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Protestant
Ethnic Group Anglo-Saxon, Celtic
Demonym British
Government Unitary parliamentary Republic
  legislature Parliament, President
Population 57 million 
Currency Commonwealth Dollar
The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Brittany, commonly known as the United Kingdom, is a country located in Europe. The United Kingdom is composed of several kingdoms, including the leading kingdom of England. In 1971 the kingdom of Brittany was annexed by the United Kingdom, adding it as the fifth kingdom to join in union with England.


Pre-Apocalypse the UK was a World Superpower with Naval dominance for decades, short of the loss of its Colonies which formed the United States The UK was untouchable and was one of the leading powers that caused WW1. The First World War ended in a costly British Victory and brought more glory to their prowess in Land Battle as well as Sea battle.

Following the Great Depression and the First world war the Empire dropped the Ball with the Nazi's and this ended in the Fall of France, the siege of the UK proper and the British Empire/commonwealth fighting on all fronts. The War took a bigger turn with the Entrance of the US. The US superseded the British as premier superpower and won the war, but eventually the British were able to Regain their power. However, the failure of the Empire and the lack of social support to maintain it ended the Empire and brought the British down to a World Power instead of Superpower.


Following the end of a rebellion which had claimed many lives and had split apart the UK and allowed the independence of Northern Ireland, the UK government re-formed under a mostly unknown politician with increased presidential interaction in the government. The People vowed never to live in complacency again, they have lived through zombies, rebellion, foreign interventions, and finally reunification. After all of this the UK agreed that their independence and reclamation of status as a world power was paramount above all else. It started with the UK during the third world war seeing a defensive Russian Federation go aggressive and invade the United States proper. The battle had gone into a stalemate turning the UK in position of power. The Government immediately took action and began a military buildup unrivaled since the second world war. The War, however, claimed no British lives as the the Invasion of Russia proper has forced a possible treaty. The Treaty of Frankfurt in effect reunited all of the main British Isle proper and established the UK as a major power in the new military alliance based on keeping nations from going to war with each other. The first action of this alliance was the invasion of the Rogue West African Federation which is still ongoing but has caused the successful occupation and creation of new nations in Africa.

New Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Nations, one of the former evolutions of the British empire has been effectively isolated and dissolved following the Zombie virus and left many of these nations to fend for themselves, the UK's decision of recreating it was met with great public support. However, Oceania led by Australia, asking for admission surprised the UK and warranted immediate action of re-admittance. The UK accepted their re-admittance and now runs the Commonwealth as it once did but in a more involved state allowing the British to operate business in all commonwealth realms, as well as military operations, support, as well as semi-shared economy and resources. However, the current prime minister as well as the king are less interested in using them for military purposes but more for showing the re-emergence of the UK as a major world power, as well as solidifying the relationship with other former commonwealth realms that the UK wants to recruit back into the New Commonwealth. The relationship is also currently to be used by the UK to rebuild parts of the nation that are still in disrepair as well as upping the infrastructure of its new realm

Military Strength

Armed Forces:

1,103,500 Troops

2,010,002 Reserve Troops

  • Primary Weapons
    • L85 (going into storage)
    • Aug-A3 (Replacing the L-85)
    • AN-94 (Purchased as a special forces rifle from Russia)
    • L9A1 (sidearm)
    • L-129A1 (DMR/Sharpshooting rifle)
    • L-96 Sniper Rifle
    • M-82 (Anti Vehicle sniper rifle .50 cal)
    • Super 90 Shotgun
    • L-2A1 Machine gun
    • AT-4
    • MBT-LAW
    • TOW missile
  • Logistic Vehicles
    • Cougar Mastiff
    • Supply trucks
    • Oshkosh HET 700 (can carry most military equipment including MBT's)
  • Tanks
    • Challenger 2   1050 (currently in production - new vehicle)
    • Challenger 1   500 (in use until Challenger 2 replaces entirely)
    • Mk3 Centurion 1200 (in storage)
    • Chieftain: 400
    • Leopard 1A1 100
    • Leopard 1A2 150
    • Leopard 1A3 50
    • Leopard 1A4 250
    • Leopard 2 50 (Currently want to expand this number)
    • CVR Scimitar 500 (Light Tank/Command and control)
  • APCs/IFV
    • Bradley IFV/APC 500
    • Warrior IFV- 800
  • Air Defense Vehicle
    • Rapier
    • StarStreak
  • Artillery
    • MLRS 60
    • L118 light gun 130
    • AS-90 80
  • Helicopters
    • Westland Apache 300
    • Westland Lynx 110
    • Gazelle 90


  • Battlecruisers

-Hurricane class Battle Cruiser (order completed)

-HMS Inflexible 
-HMS Indomitable
-HMS Princess Royal 
-HMS Queen Mary 
  • Aircraft/Helicopter Carriers
  • Invincible-Class
    • HMS Illustrious
    • HMS Ark Royal
    • HMS Invincible
  • Trafalgar class
    • HMS Trafalgar
    • HMS Admiral Nelson
    • HMS Queen Elizabeth 
    • HMS Atlantic 
    • HMS Rapture 
  • Ocean-Class
    • HMS Ocean (Helicopter Carrier)
  • Albion Class 2 (Helicopter Carriers)
  • Cruisers

-Due to the Lack of Modern Cruisers old class names will be used

-Hawkins Class Heavy Cruiser 23 (Under Construction/8 In Service)

-Glorious Class light cruiser  20 (Under Construction/12 In Service)

  • Destroyers
    • Type 42-Class - 45 (in Service)
    • County-Class Heavy Destroyer - 25 (In Service)
    • Type 82-Class  - 40 (In Service)
  • Corvettes

Non existent Class

  • Frigates
    • Duke-Class Missile Frigate - 45 (Under Construction/17 in Service)
    • Type 22-Class - 23 (In Service)
    • Type 21-Class - Air Defence Frigate 30 (In Service)
  • Submarines

-Edinburgh Class Nuclear Submarine - ten (OTL Trafalgar class Nuclear Sub) (In Service)

-20 Ballistic
-15 Guided Missile

-Vanguard class Ballistic Submarines 15

  • Minesweepers

-Type 10 Minesweeper 

  • Amphibious Dock Landing Ships

-Type 100 60

-Allister class 35

-Type 35 Minelayer 12

  • Air-Cushioned Crafts

-Type 12 LCAC 150

  • P/M/T Boats

Air Force

  • Fighters

-Eurofighter Typhoon 400 (under testing operations still)

-Harrier 300 (helicopter carrier/aircraft carrier plane)

-Fa-18 Hornet 100 (recovered or Bought from US)

-FA-18 Superhornet 850 (produced following the Cooperation agreement)

-Eurofighter Typhoon F2 300

  • Ground Attack Aircraft

-Tornado IDS 600

-Harrier (strike and close air support) 300

  • Bombers

-B-52 50

  • Transport Aircraft

-C-17 Globemaster 100

-C-130 200

  • Special Aircraft

- Spectre Gunship AC-130 10

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