Alternative History
United Nations
United Nations of North America
Timeline: British Louisiana
Flag of the United Nations
Flag of the United Nations
(and largest city)
Language English, Lakota, ...
Elective Monarch Richard III
Nations Assambly Chief Theodore Houston
Population 26,000,000 
Independence from Britain
  declared 1898
  recognized 1898
Currency UN Pound

The United Nations of North America includes, more or less, the OTL states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, as well as southern Alberta, Saskatshewan, and Manitoba.


After the Independence of Canada, Cascadia and Louisiana, the United Kingdom conserved a great land-locked territory in the midle of North America. Mostly inhabited by several nations of indians who, by 1910 already had very strong modern institutions.

The United Nations were established in 1910 with the conformation of the Nations Assambly. The 15th November 1910, the Union Flag was replaced by the Nations Flag at the Omaha Nations Hall.


In the middle of North America, the United Nations is clearly divided in two regions: the plains in the East and the mountains in the West.


North: Canada. West: Cascadia. South: New Spain and Louisiana East: Louisiana and the United States of America.

Political Divisions

The United Nations of North America is divided in 31 nations. Of these nations, 16 have defined territories.