Alternative History

Flag of the United States.

Great Seal of the United States.

The United States of America appears in several timelines, sometimes under other names.

Timelines where the United States is featured in the POD

These alternate United States mostly retain their core character. However, this list does include timelines where the Confederacy successfully broke away or the country otherwise had a different territorial extent.

Distinct Americas

These are versions of the United States which diverge seriously from OTL, including but not limited to, foreign domination and different regimes. While an "American" country still exists in some form with similar territorial extent the values and culture stand apart from the United States of today.

Broken Americas

This includes timelines, where the former United States broke up into more than two countries, often dividing on the boundaries of former states.

Timelines where America is not the POD

These include timelines where America is featured in an article but the POD is not set in America or in any of its present states or territories.

USA in Map Games


Many variations of the US flag have been made, with almost every possible number of stars. See Flags of the United States.

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