United States of America
OTL equivalent: US Minus Hawaii,Alaska, it's territories,and parts of the Continental US
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Erie
Largest city New York
Language English and Spanish (de facto)
Government Federal Constitutional Presidential Republic
  legislature Congress
President Mitt Romney

The United States of America is a nation in North America.

History (from 1932 POV to present)

Throughout the 1932 election, it was clear Franklin Roosevelt would win the election. However, two months before the election, Roosevelt died in a car crash leaving John Nance Garner as the Democratic contender. With Garner not having as much appeal as Roosevelt, Hoover won in another landslide, with Hoover gaining 481 electoral votes compared to Garner's 50 votes, all in the Deep South. Many Democrats turned to the Prohibition Party as they saw Garner as weak on various issues. Hoover's presidency oversaw the end of the Great Depression and various other things. Hoover's victory made many Democrats upset, which led to Henry Skillman Breckinridge's victory in 1936, gaining him 369 electoral votes. Breckinridge's policies led to a new form of liberalism called Neu-Liberalism (which since 1980, is no longer a faction.) This left many citizens from both parties upset and in 1940, Henry Wallace, an independent, won the election with 538 electoral votes, which remains the greatest victory for any US president as of 1980. He was popular but was weak on foreign policy which led to Thomas E.Dewey's 383 electoral vote landslide in 1944.

US Involvement in World War II

After years of fighting in Europe, Congress overwhelmingly voted not to enter World War II. However, Dewey declared war on Japan and Nazi Germany. From the beginning of the war, it seem as if the US was winning with granting France their independence from Germany but this took a turn when Japan captured Hawaii. By 1953, Washington DC was taken over by Nazi Germany and the US surrendered.

Post War Era

After the war, the US fell into a power decline, with the US only solving domestic problems. This went on until 2013, when president Mitt Romney started a program to fix the United States.

Congressional Makeup

Although the Democratic Party is the largest in both the House and Senate, it still remains fractured. As of the 116th Congress, the Libertarian, Green, and Democratic Socialists of America formed a New America wing, leaving the Democratic, Republican, Prohibition, and Progressive parties to form the Classic American alliance.


Media is pretty much the same as OTL. However, in 1963, under Richard Nixon's leadership, he created AET (American Educational Television), with each region of each state(s) getting one of them. All TV channels can only air programming from 2:00 PM to 10:59:59 PM on school days and air from 8:00 AM to the same ending time on non-school days.

The radio system - American Public Radio has over 100 radio stations for listeners to listen to.


Originally, education in the US was controlled by the government. However, in 1976, Richard Nixon signed an act that let the schools decide on what subjects to offer, what subjects they were going to teach, the number of exams in a year, and so on. As such, not one school in the US is similar and one school may be year round while the other might be a Waldorf school. Also, charter schools were outlawed in 1974.


The US is served by the Transcontinental Highway System, which has one in every state. (Ex.THS 1 runs from Plattsburgh, NY to Brownsville, TX). This system was created by Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Before 1967, Christianity was the most dominant religion. However, after Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band came out, many people turned to Hinduism. Today, Hinduism is the most dominant religion, with 49 percent of the population having faith in it, The runner up is Roman Catholicism, which has 26 percent of the population, followed by Islam, which has 17 percent of the population, then other Christian faiths, which have six percent of the population, and less than one percent of the population is Buddhist. The rest one percent is various others, including 43 Jews.

List of Presidents

Herbert Hoover (Republican) - Mar 4, 1929 to Mar 4, 1937

Henry Skillman (Democrat) - Mar 4, 1937 to Jan 20, 1941

Henry Wallace (Independent) - Jan, 20 1941 to Jan 20, 1945

Thomas E. Dewey (Republican) - Jan 20, 1945 to June 21, 1953

Adolf Hitler (as Fuhrer) - June 21, 1953 to Jan 20, 1957

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Prohibition) - Jan 20, 1957 to Jan 20, 1961

Richard Nixon (Prohibition) - Jan 20, 1961 to Jan 20, 1977

Jimmy Carter (Progressive) - Jan 20, 1977 to Oct 18, 1984

Walter Mondale (Progressive) - Oct 18, 1984 to Jan 20, 1989

George H. W. Bush (Republican) - Jan 20, 1989 to Nov 6, 1992

Dan Quayle (Republican) - Nov 6, 1992 to Jan 20, 1993

Howie Hawkins (Green) - Jan 20, 1993 to Jan 20, 2005

Gary Johnson (Democrat) - Jan 20, 2005 to Jan 20, 2013

Mitt Romney (Prohibition) - Jan 20, 2013 to present

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