Alternative History

The United States Presidential Election of 1792 saw incumbent President Benedict Arnold win a second term over oppossion from the growing Democratic-Republican party.


Federalist party nomination[]

In the first time a political party had nominated a presidential candidate the Federalist congressional caucus nominated President Arnold for another term as president and Vice President John Adams for a second as well.

Democratic-Republican nomination[]

The Democratic-Republicans were divided between Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and New York Governor George Clinton. After Jefferson withdrew his name from consideration, Clinton was nominated with over Virginia Congressman James Madison. Madison would receive the vice-presidential nomination.

Presidential Ballot

Presidential Candidate Votes Vice-Presidential Candidate Votes
George Clinton 29 James Madison 37
James Madison 9 Thomas Jefferson 1

General election[]

President Arnold faced a semi-serious challenge from Clinton. Arnold however was very popular and won re-election by a landslide over Clinton and the Democratic-Republicans.

Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote
Benedict Arnold V Federalist Connecticut 9,646 (60.3%) 100
John Adams Federalist Massachusetts - 99
George Clinton Democratic-Republican New York 6,577 (39.7%) 40
James Madison Democratic-Republican Virginia - 36
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican Virginia - 4
Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican New York - 1
Total - - 16,223 (100.0%) 280

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