Alternative History

The United States Presidential Election of 1795 saw incumbent Vice President John Adams square off against former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson


Federalist Party nomination[]

With Benedict Arnold deciding to retire after two terms, Vice President John Adams was nominated for president with former North Carolina Senator Samuel Johnston as his running mate.

Democratic-Republican nomination[]

Thomas Jefferson was nominated for President with Massachusetts Governor Samuel Adams (John Adams' cousin) as his running mate.

General election[]

In spite of the growing national support for the Democratic-Republicans and opposition to President Arnold's treaty with Great Britain, the Federalists won the election.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote
John Adams Federalist Massachusetts 41,398 (55.1%) 81
Samuel Johnston Federalist North Carolina - 65
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican Virginia 34,084 (44.9%) 63
Samuel Adams Democratic-Republican Massachusetts - 42
Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican New York - 11
Oliver Ellsworth Federalist Connecticut - 9
George Clinton Democratic-Republican New York - 7
John Henry Democratic-Republican Maryland - 3
James Iredell Federalist North Carolina - 3
John Jay Federalist New York - 3
Benedict Arnold V Federalist Connecticut - 1
Total - - 75,482 (100.0%) 288

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