The United States Presidential Election of 1795 saw incumbent Vice President John Adams square off against former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson


Federalist Party nomination

With Benedict Arnold deciding to retire after two terms, Vice President John Adams was nominated for president with former North Carolina Senator Samuel Johnston as his running mate.

Democratic-Republican nomination

Thomas Jefferson was nominated for President with Massachusetts Governor Samuel Adams (John Adams' cousin) as his running mate.

General election

In spite of the growing national support for the Democratic-Republicans and opposition to President Arnold's treaty with Great Britain, the Federalists won the election.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote
John Adams Federalist Massachusetts 41,398 (55.1%) 81
Samuel Johnston Federalist North Carolina - 65
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican Virginia 34,084 (44.9%) 63
Samuel Adams Democratic-Republican Massachusetts - 42
Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican New York - 11
Oliver Ellsworth Federalist Connecticut - 9
George Clinton Democratic-Republican New York - 7
John Henry Democratic-Republican Maryland - 3
James Iredell Federalist North Carolina - 3
John Jay Federalist New York - 3
Benedict Arnold V Federalist Connecticut - 1
Total - - 75,482 (100.0%) 288

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