The United States Presidential Election of 1798 saw President John Adams in a rematch with his 1795 opponent Thomas Jefferson.


Federalist party nomination

President Adams was re-nominated unopposed, while Vice President Samuel Johnston decided not to seek re-election and South Carolina Congressman Thomas Pinckney was nominated for Vice President.

Democratic-Republican party nomination

The Democratic-Republicans were sure that they would lose so they nominated Thomas Jefferson as a suicide candidate. Aaron Burr was nominated as VP.

General election

John Adams was the popular incumbent, but some in his party lead by Alexander Hamilton, hoped to elect Charles Cotesworth Pinckney president instead on Adams. This resulted in the Federalist vote being split between Adams, (Thomas) Pinckney, and (Charles Cotesworth) Pinckney, this allowed Jefferson to become vice president.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote
John Adams Federalist Massachusetts 39,860 (55.3%) 88
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican Virginia 32,174 (44.7%) 56
Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican New York - 54
Thomas Pinckney Federalist South Carolina - 54
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Federalist South Carolina - 34
George Clinton Democratic-Republican New York - 2
Total - - 72,034 (100.0%) 288

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