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The 1819 U.S. Presidential Election featured Treasury Secretary William Harris Crawford and New York Governor DeWitt Clinton.


Democratic-Republican party nomination[]

Democratic-Republican candidates

  • Langdon Cheves, President of the Bank of the United States from South Carolina
  • William Harris Crawford, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from Georgia
  • William Lowndes, U.S. representative from South Carolina
  • John Randolph, U.S. representative from Virginia

Crawford was nominated over a slight challenge from Randolph, Lowndes, and Cheves. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams was nominated for vice president over Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins.

1819 Democratic-Republican Caucus

Presidential ballot 1 2 Vice-presidential ballot 1
William Harris Crawford 34 40 John Quincy Adams 56
John Randolph 25 26 Daniel D. Tompkins 22
William Lowndes 13 9
Langdon Cheves 6 3

Other Candidates[]

New York Governor DeWitt Clinton after deciding not to run for the Democratic-Republican nomination, announced his candidacy as an independent. Richard Rush was nominated for vice president.

General election[]

In spite of Clinton's attempt to rally disgruntled Democratic-Republicans and Federalists, there was never any real doubt that Crawford would win, and he did.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate Running mate's home state Running mate's electoral vote
William Harris Crawford Democratic-Republican Georgia 76,253 (66.1%) 220 John Quincy Adams Massachusetts 220
DeWitt Clinton Fusion New York 41,224 (32.4%) 22 Richard Rush Pennsylvania 22
(unpledged electors) - - 1,856 (1.5%) - - - -
Total - - 119,433 (100.0%) 242 - - 242

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