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The 1822 U.S. Presidential Election saw the first vice president since John Adams to be elected president.


Democratic-Republican party nomination[]

Democratic-Republican candidates

  • John Quincy Adams, Vice President of the United States from Massachusetts
  • James Barbour, President of the U.S. Senate from Virginia
  • William Lowndes, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from South Carolina
  • Nathaniel Macon, U.S. senator from North Carolina

Adams was the front-runner from the start of the race and overcame Lowndes (his strongest challenger) on the first ballot. Macon was nominated for VP.

1822 Democratic-Republican Caucus

Presidential ballot 1 Vice-presidential ballot 1
John Quincy Adams 42 Nathaniel Macon 43
William Lowndes 23 Andrew Jackson 27
James Barbour 9 James Barbour 10
Nathaniel Macon 8

General election[]

Adams was the front-runner in the north-east and the mid-atlantic while Calhoun was popular in the south and the west. In the end Adams won in the most contested race since 1801.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate Running mate's home state Running mate's electoral vote
John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican Massachusetts 189,789 (50.6%) 150 Nathaniel Macon North Carolina 150
John Caldwell Calhoun Democratic-Republican South Carolina 176,341 (46.8%) 131 Nathan Sanford New York 131
Others - - 9,856 (2.6%) 0 - - -
Total - - 375,986 (100.0%) 281 - - 281

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