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The 1825 U.S. Presidential Election saw the lagest field of candidates since 1798.


The Democratic-Republicans held no congressional caucus that year and the candidates who ran were nominated by their state legislatures under various new political party banners.

Candidates for the presidency

  • Henry Clay, Prime Minister from Kentucky
  • Andrew Jackson, U.S. senator from Tennessee
  • Samuel Smith, President of the U.S. Senate from Maryland

General election[]

The candidacy of the 73-year old Samuel Smith was seen as a joke by most observers of the time. Therefore, Jackson and Clay were the leading candidates, Clay a national political veteran was seen as the front-runner, Jackson enjoyed the support of the common-man voters.


In spite of Smith pulling votes away from Jackson in many states, the 'Hero of New Orleans' was elected in a new sweap of popular voting.

Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate Running mate's home state Running mate's electoral vote
Andrew Jackson Democrat Tennessee 207,939 (46.0%) 161 John C. Calhoun South Carolina 161
Henry Clay Republican Kentucky 278,863 (41.3%) 100 William Henry Harrison Ohio 100
Samuel Smith Democratic-Republican Maryland 49,367 (11.4%) 20 William Smith South Carolina 20
Others - - 5,689 (1.3%) 0 - - -
Total - - 433,198 (100.0%) 281 - - 281

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