Powell/Giuliani (R) Obama/Biden (D)
Nominees: Colin Powell Barack Obama
Nominee Home State: New York Illinois
Running Mate Rudy Giuliani Joe Biden
Running Mate's Home State New York Delaware
Electoral Vote 362 176
Incumbent President President Elect
Tony Lake (Democrat) Colin Powell (Republican)

The United States Presidential Election of 2008 elected former Vice President Colin Powell to the office of President of the United States, becoming the first black person to hold the office. President Powell also ran against Senator Barack Obama, who, if he won, would also be the first black person as President of the United States.

After the assassination of President Dean, Vice President Bayh, and numerous other Congress members, Barack Obama decided to run for the position of President. He was one of the survivors from the terrorist attack. The incumbent president, Tony Lake, decided not to run for reelection (Lake, the Secretary of Defense, was kidnapped by Mister Brooklyn hours before to protect him).

Democratic Party Nomination

Democratic Presidential Candidates

  • Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
  • Senator and former Vice President Hillary D. Rodham of New York
  • Senator Joe Biden of Delaware
  • Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
  • Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
  • Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut
  • Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska

Republican Party Nomination

Republican Presidential Candidates

  • Former Vice President Colin Powell of New York
  • Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska
  • Representative Ron Paul of Texas
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