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With the Yellowstone Eruption of July 18, 1936 the territory of the former United States was fractured and divided among many different successor states and survivor communities across the former nation. The largest successor state, considered to be the true successor to the United States government is the Provisional United States, located on the East Coast, with its capital in Washington, D.C.

Successor States

East Coast

  • Flag of the United States Provisional United States - Considered the true successor to the United States government, the Provisional United States of America is a large nation in the former United States, consisting of much of the East Coast and the American South. It is also the most populous and technologically advanced, supporting its population with one of the few significant agricultural areas of note in North America, and holding on to much of the United States military. It's capital is located in Washington, D.C.
  • Flag of New York New York - The Republic of New York is another large and important power on the East Coast, controlling the former state of New York and much of the surrounding area.

West Coast

  • DRLA Yellowstone Democratic Republic of Los Angeles - One of the few single-party state totalitarian dictatorship in the former United States, the Democratic Republic of Los Angeles, founded by Frank L. Shaw shortly after the Yellowstone eruption of 1936, is an oppressive government controlling much of the former urban area of Los Angeles, including the once prosperous neighborhoods of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
  • Free Republic of Los Angeles Free Republic of Los Angeles - Opposed to the Democratic Republic bordering it, the Free Republic of Los Angeles is a provisional government republic and fierce rival to the oppressive government to the north.

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