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United States Senate elections, 2004
Class III (34 of the 100) seats in the United States Senate
November 2, 2004
Majority party Minority party
Bill Frist official photo Tom Daschle, official Senate photo
Leader Bill Frist Tom Daschle
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Tennessee South Dakota
Last election 61 seats 39 seats (including 1 Independent)
Seats won 67 plus 1 Independent 32 (including 1 Independent)
Seat change +6 -6
Popular vote 40,920,562 43,754,618
Percentage 56.3% 44.8%
Swing +5.0% -5.1%
2006 Election
  Republican hold
  Republican pickups
  Democratic hold
  Democratic pickup

Previous Majority Leader
Bill Frist

Majority Leader-elect
Mitch McConnel


Winning candidate in bold
Retiring Senator in Gray
Democratic pickup in Blue
Republican pickup in Red
Independent pickup in Yellow
State Incumbent Party Status Candidates
Arizona Jon Kyl Republican Re-elected, 73.3% Jim Pederson (Democrat) 23.5%
California Dianne Feinstein Democratic Defeated, 35.2% "'Chuck DeVore'" (Republican) 59.4%
Connecticut Joe Lieberman Connecticut for Lieberman Defeated in Democratic primary, won re-election as member of Connecticut for Lieberman, 49.7% Ned Lamont (Democrat) 39.7%
Alan Schlesinger (Republican) 9.6%
Ralph Ferrucci (Green) 0.5%
Timothy Knibbs (Concerned Citizens) 0.4%
Delaware Mike Castle Republican Re-elected, 70.2% Tom Craper (Democrat) 28.7%
William E. Morris (Libertarian) 1.1%
Florida Bill Nelson Democratic Re-elected, 50.3% Katherine Harris (Republican) 48.1%
Independent) 0.5%
Brian Moore ([[Green Party (United States)|Green) 0.4%
Floyd Ray Frazier (Independent) 0.3%
Roy Tanner (Independent (politician)|Independent) 0.3%
Hawaii Daniel Akaka Democratic Re-elected, 51.4% Cynthia Thielen (Republican) 46.8%
Lloyd Mallan (Libertarian) 1.9%
Indiana Richard Lugar Republican Re-elected, 97.3% Steve Osborn (Libertarian) 2.6%
Maine Olympia Snowe Republican Re-elected, 84.4% Jean Hay Bright (Democrat) 10.5%
Bill Slavick (Independent) 5.2%
Maryland Paul Sarbanes Democratic Retired, Republican victory Ben Cardin (Democrat) 44.2%
Michael Steele (Republican) 54.2%
Kevin Zeese (Green) 1.5%
Massachusetts Ted Kennedy Democratic Re-elected, 59.5% Kenneth Chase (Republican) 40.5%
Michigan Debbie Stabenow Democratic Defeated, 36.9% Libertarian) 0.7%
David Sole (Green Party (United States)|Green) 0.6%
W. Dennis Fitz Simons (Constitution Party (United States)|Constitution) 0.5%
Minnesota Mark Dayton Democratic Retired, Republican Victory Democratic-Farmer-Labor) 38.1%
Michelle Bachmann (politician) Michelle Bachmann (Republican) 57.9%
Robert Fitzgerald (Independence Party of Minnesota|Independence) 3.2%
Michael Cavlan (Green Party (United States)|Green) 0.5%
Ben Powers (Constitution Party (United States)|Constitution) 0.3%
Mississippi Trent Lott Republican Re-elected, 93.6% Erik Fleming (Democrat) 4.8%
Harold Taylor (Libertarian) 1.5%
Missouri Jim Talent Republican Re-elected, 67.3% Claire McCaskill (Democrat) 29.6%
Frank Gilmour (Libertarian) 1.2%
Lydia Lewis (Green) 0.9%
Montana Conrad Burns Republican Re-elected, 68.3% Jon Tester (Democrat) 39.2%
Stan Jones (Libertarian) 2.6%
Nebraska Ben Nelson Democratic Re-elected, 53.9% Pete Ricketts (Republican) 46.1%
Nevada John Ensign Republican Re-elected, 75.4% Jack Carter (Democrat) 21%
None of These Candidates 1.4%
David Schumann (Constitution) 1.3%
Brendan Trainor (Libertarian) 0.9%
New Jersey Bob Menendez Democratic Defeated, 43.4% Thomas Kean Jr. (Republican) 54.3%
Len Flynn Libertarian)0.7%
Ed Forchion (US Marijuana Party) 0.5%
Other 2.3%
New Mexico Jeff Bingaman Democratic Party Re-elected, 50.6% Allen McCulloch (Republican) 49.3%
New York Andrew Cuomo Democratic Party Defeated, 7.0% George Pataki (Republican) 91.0%
Other 2.0%
North Dakota Kent Conrad Democratic Party Re-elected, 58.8% Dwight Grotberg (Republican) 39.5%
Roland Riemers (Independent) 1.0%
James Germalic (Independent) 0.6%
United States Senate election in Ohio, 2006 Mike DeWine Republican Party Re-elected, 73.8% Sherrod Brown (Democrat) 26.2%
Pennsylvania Rick Santorum Republican Party Re-elected, 61.3% Bob Casey, Jr. (Democrat) 38.7%
United States Senate election in Rhode Island, 2006 Lincoln Chafee Republican Party Defeated, 56.5% Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat) 43.5%
United States Senate election in Tennessee, 2006 Bill Frist Republican Party Retired, Republican victory Bob Corker (Republican) 80.7%
Harold Ford, Jr. (Democrat) 18.0%
Other 2.0%
United States Senate election in Texas, 2006 Kay Bailey Hutchison Re-elected, 71.7% Barbara Ann Radnofsky (Democrat) 26.0%
Scott Jameson (Libertarian) 2.3%
Utah Orrin Hatch Re-elected, 92.6% Pete Ashdown (Democrat) 0.8%
Scott Bradley (Constitution) 3.8%
Roger Price (Personal Choice)1.6%
Dave Seely (Libertarian Party) 0.8%
Julian Hatch (Green Party (United States) 0.4%
Vermont Jim Jeffords Independentwinning candidate pledged to caucus with the Democrats despite not running as a Democratic candidate Retired, Independent victory Bernie Sanders (Independent) 65.4%
Richard Tarrant (Republican) 32.3%
Cris Ericson (Independent) 0.6%
Craig Hill (Green) 0.5%
Peter Moss (Independent) 0.5%
Peter Diamondstone (Liberty Union) 0.3%
Virginia 'George Allen Republican Defeated, 89.2% Democratic) 9.6%
Gail Parker (Independent Green Party of Virginia|Independent Green) 1.1%
Washington Maria Cantwell Democratic Re-elected, 56.85% Mike McGavick (Republican) 39.93%
West Virginia Robert Byrd Democratic Re-elected, 64.4% John Raese (Republican) 33.7%
Jesse Johnson (Mountain) 1.9%
Wisconsin Herb Kohl Democratic Party Re-elected, 49.31% Robert Lorge (Republican) 47.48%
Wyoming Craig L. Thomas Republican Re-elected, 79.99% Dale Groutage (Democrat) 19.86%