Alternative History
‹ 1998 United States midterm election, 2002 (President McCain) 2006
United States Midterm Election, 2002
November 2, 2006
Dennis Hastert (President McCain) Nanci Pelosi (President McCain)
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 71,458,049
Percentage 58.24% 40.61%
President before election
Republican Majority
Elected President
Increased Republican Majority

The Elections for the United States House of Representatives and Senate on 5 November 2002 was in the middle of President John S. McCain's first term. Although it was a midterm election, redistricting and the War on Terror allowed the Republicans to gain a net eight seats in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate, solidifying their majority. Together with gains made in the Senate, it was one of the few mid-term elections that the party in control of the White House gained congressional seats (the other such mid-term elections were in 1902, 1934 and 1998).

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