United States of America
Capital Washington, D.C. (3,607,143 inh)
Largest City New York (19,607,143 inh)
Official language English
Government Type Federal Republic
National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner
National Motto In God We Trust
Population 294,447,000
GDP PPP 2007 $ 16,786 trillion (1st)
GDP Nominal $ 14,456 trillion (1st)
HDI rank Ninth
HDI category high
Area 13,195,060 sq km
President Barack Obama
Establishment 1777
Administrative Divisions 60 States, One District, Two overseas territories
Currency American Dollar $
Religions Christianity
Armed Forces 1.6 million men

The United States of America has grown, with the help of the Aztecs, to become a dominant force on the North American Continent and the world.


Alliance with the Aztecs

In exchange for their help, President George Washington signed a trade agreement with the Aztecs


There is a larger indigenous population due to the US government honouring the treaties (especially for the Iroquois, who fought on America's side during the revolution), which have more political clout, and the Indian Lobby is a major force in Congress.

The USA has 60 States, the following are only some:

1. Ontario

2. Alaska (OTL Alaska, Northern British Columbia, Yukon)

3. California (Including OTL Baja California)

4. Quebec

5. Virginia (DC, Virginia, West Virginia)

6. Deseret

7. Carolina

8. Texas (OTL Texas and Oklahoma)

9. Cascadia (British Columbia, Oregon, Washington)

10. Florida

11. Dakota (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho)

12. Arizona (Arizona, New Mexico)

13. Mississippi (Mississippi, Alabama)

14. Minnesota (Minnesota, western Michigan, Wisconsin.

15. Jefferson (Nunavut and Alberta)

16. Hawaii

17. Maine

18. New Hampshire

19. Massachusetts

20. Rhode Island

21. Connecticut

22. New York

23. New Jersey

24. Pennsylvania

25. Delaware

26. Maryland

27. North Carolina

28. South Carolina

29. Georgia

30. Ohio

31. Michigan (without the upper peninsula)

32. Indiana

33. Illinois

34. Missouri

35. Kentucky

36. Tennessee

37. Oklahoma (Oklahoma, southern Kansas)

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