Alternative History
United States of America
Timeline: Greater Colombia
Flag of United States
Flag of United States
In God We Trust
(and largest city)
Washington D.C.
Language English
President John D. Lindberg
Vice President August H. Morgan
Area 5,093,012 km² (not counting Caribbean Insular Territories)
Population 180,000,000 Americans
Independence from Britain
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783
Currency US Dollar

The United States of America is probably the most powerful country in 2005. Its capital city is Washington, in the District of Columbia.


Three main events have shaped the USA in the Greater Colombia timeline as different as Our timeline.

The first was the development in Texas, as Mexico managed to crush the rebellion of 1836. By 1838, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty defining the borders between Mexican Texas and the US Louisiana territories. Eventually Texas seceded from Mexico in 1865, but they didn't join the United States.

The second was the Great War of 1862. In this war, the United States and Britain joined opposing parties and the Big Caribbean Game turned hot. At the peace settlements in 1867, the USA got control on most British Caribbean possessions, including Jamaica and British Honduras, while the UK secured the Oregon Territory.

The third episode was the disintegration of Mexico who, after being invaded by different powers during the Great Wars, continued in a civil war. The United States got involved in the Mexican Civil War, and grabbed an outlet to the Pacific at the Campeche Isthmus.



Main Continental USA is limited at the North by Canada, at the West by British Columbia and Deseret, at the South by Texas and the Gulf of Mexico and at the East by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Central American territories are limited at the North by Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. At the West by the Pacific Ocean, at the South by the Pacific Ocean and Costa Rica, and at the East by the Caribbean Sea and Colombia.

Political Divisions

The United States of America is composed by 43 states, a capital district and one insular territory.

State Region State Region
1. Alabama Continent Dixie 2. Arkansas Continent Dixie
3. Bahamas Insular 4. Chiapas Central America
5. Colorado Continent West 6. Connecticut Continent North
7. Dakota Continent West 8. Delaware Continent Central
9. East Florida Continent Dixie 10. Georgia Continent Dixie
11. Guatemala Central America 12. Illinois Continent West
13. Indiana Continent North 14. Iowa Continent West
15. Jamaica Insular 16. Kansas Continent
17. Kentucky Continent 18. Louisiana Continent
19. Maryland Continent 20. Massachussets Continent
21. Michigan Continent 22. Minnesota Continent
23. Mississippi Continent 24. Missouri Continent
25. Montana Continent 26. Nebraska Continent
27. New Hampshire Continent 28. New Jersey Continent
29. New York Continent 30. Nicaragua Central America
31. North Carolina Continent 32. Ohio Continent
33. Oklahoma Continent 34. Pennsylvania Continent
35. Rhode Island Continent 36. South Carolina Continent
37. South Dakota Continent 38. Tennessee Continent Central
39. Vermont Continent North 40. Virginia Continent Central
41. West Florida Continent Dixie 42. Wisconsin Continent West
43. Yucatan Central America
Capital District Region Territory Region
1. District of Columbia Continent Central 1. Caribbean Insular Territories Insular