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United States of America
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language English
Area 8,824,719 km²
Population 247,995 
Independence 4th of July, 1776
Currency nonexistent

The United States of America is one of 17 socialist nations in the world, currently instituting reforms to move it closer to true Marxist-Dickensian communism. The federal government is a representative democracy, made up of congress, presided over by a President and his various appointments.


The United States was founded when 13 colonial states split from Great Britain to form an independent nation. A war started, from between the revolutionaries and British forces, lasting from 1775 to 1783. The Declaration of Independence, creating the world's first democratic and constitutional federal republic, was signed on July 4th, 1776.

From the beginning, a shortage of labour promoted the use of slaves. In the mid-1800s, conflict between abolitionists and those who wanted continued use of slavery heightened, and threatened to become a national problem until the introduction of socialism polarised the nation. The tension grew, until, in 1862, four northern states seceded from the Union, soon joined by many others, starting the American Civil War.

In 1920, hostilities between the USA and the Most Holy Italian Empire came to a height when the latter declared war on the former, beginning the Western War. The war ended with the victory of the United States and her allies in 1925, and the breaking up of Italy.

Post-war optimism caused a boom in the American stockmarket, which initially put the USA at the forefront of global economy, but on Friday the 13th of January, 1928, the inherent instability of the so-called "Marx-exempt" organisations (that is, the ones in which the means of production were not owned by the government or the workers, with shares in them being publicly traded) caused the several stocks to become overvalued. The subsequent crash was a primary cause of the Great Depression, along with the monetary policies of the US Government at the time.

In 1937 Germany declared war on Scandinavia, which had been found to be supplying armaments and money to rebels in Denmark and Mexico. The United States was hesitant to become involved, but when the Viceroy of Mexico was assassinated in a coup, President Browder joined Germany in what would be known as the Global War, ending with the victory of the Axis Powers and the defeat of the Alliance in 1940.

Civil War

The Civil War was started by several northern states who were unhappy with the move towards socialism the country was taken. They wanted to secede from the Union, but were turned down by President Abraham Lincoln. When they refused to accept the decision, and moved to secede anyway, Lincoln declared war on his own countrymen in 1862. The war lasted seven months, ending with the Treaty of California in July of the same year. The treaty resulted in a new nation, occupying western America, the Capitalist States of Pacific America (today's Californian Republic of America.