Alternative History
United States of America
Timeline: Viva California
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Deo Favente Perennis
Capital Philadelphia
Largest city New York City
Other cities Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland
Language English
Religion Protestantism
Government Federal Democracy
Population 300,000,000 (1988) 
Established 1776
Currency Dollar

The United States of America, with its capital at Philadelphia was at its height one of the most bellicose nations in the world, along with Germany. Throughout the 20th Century the USA captured and incorporated nearly every nation of North America, leaving only its allies, California and the Republic of New France and Russia's ally, the People's Republic of Mexico independent. It was because of this posturing and its near conquest of the North American continent that many of the world feared this superpower.

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Post Spasm

The United States fractured following the spasm, with its conquests falling to several daughter states:

  • The Canadian League
  • California
  • Louisiana (later incorporated into the Union Commonwealth and California)
  • The Aztlan Republic
  • Texicoma
  • Texas
  • The Dixie Confederation
  • The Union Commonwealth

These states skirmished for the better part of 25 years before finally moving to close the chapter. In 2009 The Union Commonwealth, The Dixie Confederation and Texas negotiated a treaty similar to that of France, resulting in the Alliance of American States.

The Alliance of American States

With a capital centered at St. Louis, the AAS began largely as a trade organization, but worked to restore the unity of the USA, by inviting the dissenting members of the former United States to join. All efforts prior to March of 2009 were soundly rejected. Beginning in 2010, things began improving, and inroads were made with several neighboring governments. This continued, and by 2015, a trade and non-aggression pact was signed by three of them, Texas, Texicoma and Republic of New France.