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Fred Harris.png|Former Senator '''Fred Harris'' of Oklahoma
Fred Harris.png|Former Senator '''Fred Harris'' of Oklahoma
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‹ 1972 Flag of the United States 1980
United States presidential election, 1976
November 2, 1976
Turnout 53.5%
Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981 488px-JimmyCarterPortrait2-1-
Nominee Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California Georgia
Running mate Richard Schweiker Walter Mondale
Electoral vote 310 228
States carried 30 20+D.C.
Percentage 50.1% 48.0%

The United States presidential election of 1976 was the 48th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 2, 1976. Dark horse candidate, Former Governor Ronald Reagan defeated unpopular President Spiro in the primaries and narrowly defeated Former Governor Jimmy Carter in the general election by energizing his conservative base.  Although Carter gained traction as a political outsider, he came under fire for many gaffes. This was the first election since 1952 in which neither an Incumbent President or Vice President ran as nominees in the general election.


Republican nomination

The Watergate scandal, as well as the rising inflation made incumbent President Spiro Agnew extremely unpopular. With Agnew having a 66% disapproval rating, and the Democrats nominating the charismatic Jimmy Carter, it became more unlikely that Agnew would win in a general election. In spite of this, he was widely expected to be the nominee. However, after opponent Ronald Reagan's upset in New Hampshire, Agnew announced he would no longer seek a full term in 1976, leaving Reagan as the presumptive nominee.

Democratic nomination

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