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United States presidential election, 2004
November 2, 2004
HowardDeanDNC-cropped (cropped) Myers
Nominee Howard Dean Richard B.Myers
Party Democratic Independent
Home state Vermont Missouri
Running mate Wesley Clark Robert Gates
Electoral vote 218 170
States carried 17 15
Popular vote 40,902,279 29,743,821
Percentage 40.61% 18.9%
Governor Jeb Bush Ralph Nader
Nominee Jeb Bush Ralph Nader
Party Republican Independent
Home state Florida Connecticut
Running mate Mike Huckabee Ross Perot Jr.
Electoral vote 120 3
States carried 41 + D.C. 1
Popular vote 71,458,049 19,743,821
Percentage 58.24% 18.9%
File:US Electoral College 2004 (Myers Way).PNG
Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by McCain/Huckabee (18 + D.C.), Blue denotes those won by Dean/Bayh (11), Green denotes states won by Nader/Ross Perot Jr.(2). Gold denotes states won by Myers/Gates (19).
President before election
Gale Norton
Elected President
Howard Dean
Democratic Party

The 2004 United States Presidential Election was held on the 2nd of November, 2004, and resulted in a victory for the Democratic Party candidates Howard Dean and former General Wesley Clark of Arkansas. They defeated the Liberal/Independent/National Union ticket of Richard Myers and Senator Robet Gates along with the Republican ticket of Jeb Bush of Florida, brother of the late President George W. Bush and Mike Huckabee.



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Election results[]

2004 Election results[]

President/VP Candidates Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Gale Norton/Richard Myers Republican 73,463,942 535
Wesley Clark/John Kerry Democratic 43,246,485 3

2004 Election results, New table[]

President candidate Party Home state Popular Vote States wons Electoral Vote VP candidate Running mate's home state
Howard Dean Democratic Vermont 42,246,485 22 + D.C. 220 Evan Bayh Indiana
Richard Bowman Myers Independent Missouri 43,463,942 5 93 Robert Gates Kansas
Ralph Nader Independent/Green /Reform Connecticut 13,246,485 3 17 Ross Perot Jr. Texas
John McCain Republican Panama Canal Zone/Arizona 33,246,485 20 208 Mike Huckabee Arkansas

Grand total[]

Results by state[]

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Close states[]

Blue font color denotes states won by Democrat Howard Dean; red denotes those won by Republican President John McCain; Green denotes sates won by Green party, Ralph Nader and white denote states won by Independent Richard Myers.

States where margin of victory was under 5%

  1. Wisconsin 0.38%
  2. Iowa 0.67%
  3. New Mexico 0.79%
  4. New Hampshire 1.37%
  5. Ohio 2.11%
  6. Pennsylvania 2.50%
  7. Nevada 2.59%
  8. Michigan 3.42%
  9. Minnesota 3.48%
  10. Oregon 4.16%
  11. Colorado 4.67%

States where margin of victory was between 5% and 10%

  1. Florida 5.00%
  2. New Jersey 6.68%
  3. Washington 7.18%
  4. Missouri 7.20%
  5. Delaware 7.60%
  6. Virginia 8.20%
  7. Hawaii 8.75%
  8. Maine 8.99%
  9. Arkansas 9.76%

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