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United States presidential election, 2008
November 4, 2008
John McCain 2001 Hillary Rodham Clinton Ralph Nader
Nominee John McCain Hillary Rodham Clinton Ralph Nader
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Home state Arizona New York Connecticut
Running mate Mike Huckabee Albert Gore Micheal Bloomberg
Electoral vote 338 180 20
Popular vote 66,254,291 43,798,674 24,102,872
Percentage 49.2% 32.7% 18.1%
Result 08
President before election
George Bush
Elected President
John McCain


"When great men step down, greater men will step up".

–John McCain

When George Bush's term faced its end, he and his vice-president, John McCain developed a plot to keep the Bush administration alive, McCain running and then picking then Secretary of State, Dick Cheney, as vice-president. Although only a month later Mitt Romney, a liberal independent-leaning republican, joined the race. Romney was popular in the beginning, but, later died down when a popular congressman, and senate hopeful, Ron Paul, stuck his name in the hat. Romney who thought he was going to win asked Paul to be his VP. Paul dropped out and began campaigning for Romney. Mike Huckabee then joined the race in time for Iowa and helped himself to the media. Paul began to question supporting Romney. Mike Huckabee then died down after a while and McCain took the floor again. The following candidates ran:

  • Senator John McCain
  • Former Governor Mitt Romney
  • Congressman and Senate hopeful Ron Paul
  • Former Governor Mike Huckabee

Mitt Romney then dropped out of the race, and soon did Huckabee supporting McCain.


"New Democratic politics is the new way, the right way, America's way!"

–Barrack Obama

Bill and Hillary Clinton met up with Al Gore to re-build the Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton would run and later pick highly popular Al Gore, as Veep. Then, Illinois Senator Barrack Obama joined the race, and only a week later Joe Biden joined. Barrack quickly quit so he supported Joe Biden who got a good second place next to Hillary. The following candidates ran:

  • Senator Hillary Clinton
  • Senator Joe Biden
  • Senator Barrack Obama


"Democrat or Republican? Neither."

–Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader ran unopposed.


"The VP is a tool, we must use it wisely."

–Ronald Reagan

McCain had a sit down talk with George Bush and a CBS/CNN reporter. Saying Mike Huckabee would be the best choice, Bush agreed and Mike Huckabee became the quickest VP in history, the day after he dropped out. Hillary Clinton wouldn't rule out until the convention she sent a cell phone message to Super delegate Joe Manchin (Governor of West Virgina) she said "Obama is in the building" but, because of bad Verizon Wireless reception Manchin heard "Obama ... is ... it" he then told Bill Richardson and he went and told the public, until Hillary Clinton came out and said that there was a mistake and it really was Gore. Bloomberg was the best choice for Nader, only one other possibility came about.

Here were the Republican possible VP picks:

  • Secretary of State Dick Cheney
  • Former Vice-President and President George H. W. Bush
  • Governor and Super delegate Jeb Bush
  • Governor Sarah Palin
  • Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Democratic Senator Robert C. Byrd

Here were the Democratic possible VP Picks

  • Senator Barrack Obama
  • Senator Joe Biden
  • Governor Bill Richardson
  • Governor Joe Manchin III
  • Former Vice-President Al Gore
  • Senator John Kerry
  • Senator Ted Kennedy
  • Senator Robert C. Byrd
  • Republican liberal Mitt Romney

Here were the Independent possible VP picks

  • Mayor Micheal Bloomberg
  • West Virginian Mountain Party Governor Candidate Jesse Johnson

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