Alternative History



On Election Day the results begin to come in. After the results in New Mexico and Oregon reveal that Gore has won in their states, he gets almost all the votes he needs, and needs to get Florida, but if Bush wins Florida it would mean a tie in the Electoral College, since Gore lost Vermont and instead won West Virginia. Most media outlets across the country proclaim a Gore victory, but as results come out of Florida, it looks like their might be a tie. As the night goes on, Gore gains and gains on Bush, and he realizes that if Florida is lost a tie will be what happens. By 4:30 it is unclear who the winner is, and by the end of the week, the margin Bush has over Gore is a mere 900 votes. A mandatory recount is held. The state, though, has until November 14th until all votes must be resubmitted, but is later moved back to November 26 by the Florida Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court vacates that decision. On the 26th the state canvassing board declares Bush the winner of Florida's 25 electors. Gore contests the decision and the battle for Florida heads into December.


As the battle heads to the US Supreme Court a decision must be made on Florida's actions for the recount and to certify if Bush or Gore is the winner of Florida's votes. On December 12th their decision is announced, Bush wins Florida's electors. As the decision settles in across America and the world, riots begin to spring up across the nation. Most of these protesters claim Bush bribed the Supreme Court and that he has caused the House of Representatives to make the final decision. One week before Christmas the vote is held. After heated debate and shouting across the room the House announces the votes. Gore receives 208 votes and Bush receives 227. Gore concedes defeat but the riots continue across the nation. People claim bribery and the nation begins to experience riots involving shootouts between more extreme groups and fires spread across cities from arsonists. The riots continue into New Year's Eve and celebrations across the nation are either cancelled or overshadowed by rioters storming the celebration. Meanwhile the international world waits to see what will happen next as Gore concedes and Bush accepts his presidency.



As the rioting continues Democrat militias begin to form across the US along with Republican militias. In states like Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Indiana. President Clinton declares martial law. Ignoring security warnings Bush still holds the Inauguration. The Inauguration is widely televised across the nation and world. Masses of crowds still come and security is tight.

As Bush begins his speech a gunshot rings from the crowd as Bush falls to the ground and simultaneously a bomb explodes under his podium. The bomb causes part of the inaugural platform to collapse killing or injuring some Congress members along with the former-president Clinton and most of Bush's cabinet and Vice-President Dick Cheney. As chaos reigns across the scene people begin to flee the area as gunfire begins to pour into the crowd as the Republican and Democrat militias fight each other in the middle of the crowd.

As leaders across the world are informed of the attack across the world Canada begins to mobilize troops in case they feel the need to secure the American Union from falling apart. The EU also readies an expeditionary force but is not expected to use it. Some people that fell with the platform are found to be alive, such as Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell. With Bush and Cheney dead Powell is the clear though he is in the hospital along with other key survivors but he will also be out in a few days. Considering the attack Powell's location is not revealed to anyone as he is unofficially now president.

When he is released form the hospital he is privately inaugurated and immediately holds a national address the same night. In his speech he speaks out against the attackers and demands that both sides move on and stop fighting. As Congress recovers a session is held to discuss invoking a law making all future inaugurations private and special invitation only but before decisions can be made a raid by both militias cause a gun fight and countless murder of innocent congress members along with Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Strom Thurmond, while Al Gore, the Senate President, is captured by Democrat militia for his safety along with his family.


As the violence gets worse President Powell begins to truly enforce martial law. Troops are gathered up sent out across the nation but this backfires quickly as the troops turn on each other based on their beliefs and cities began to see blood running down the streets.

In more Democrat controlled cities that had little Republican resistance there was little or no blood and was the same in heavily Republican cities, while in cities that were more mixed there was heavy violence as hundreds were dying every day.

Riot police were useless and so was the military. As the violence increased day by day Powell was begging for international help but the call was not answered.

By Valentine's Day the nation is in complete chaos; Powell is demanding the violence stop but has little or no army to fight so he orders a bombing raid to be run on Atlanta where violence is one of the highest. The raid is conducted at the height of rioting. It kills hundreds of people - maybe thousands.

Media outlets across the nation tell of the attack and rioting against Powell springs up in every city along with militia battles and the White House is raided. Powell is nowhere to be found as the government officially collapses.

Within a week the nation is divided into factions. The factions are: The Pacific Commonwealth, the Rocky Mountain Confederation, the Republic of Texas, the New Confederacy, the Mid-Western Union, and the New United States of America. As the factions mobilize the world is stunned and begins to fret over the situation as a big part of the global economy has now collapsed.


As the Second American Civil War militias begin to battle across the nation along the borders of each faction.