Alternative History
Governorate of Upper Vaiood
Верхневайудская губерния
Governorates of Bellinsgauzenia
Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Portions of Queen Mary Land and Wilkes Land.
Flag of Upper Vaiood
Flag of Upper Vaiood
Capital Vostok
  others German, Maori
Eastern Orthodoxy
  others Lutheranism
Demonym Upper Vaioodian
Governor Alexey Budny (P)
Time zone (UTC+9)
Abbreviations VV, BA-VV

The Governorate of Upper Vaiood (Russian: Верхневайудская губерния, Vyerkhnyevayudskaya gubyerniya), colloquially known as Upper Vaiood (Верхний Вайуд, Vyerkhniy Vaiud), is a governorate of the United Governorates of Bellinsgauzenia. Upper Vaiood is the largest governorate in area, with the capital and largest city being Vostok. The most noted geographical feature of the governorate is Lake Vostok, which is the largest lake on the continent.

Upper Vaiood was originally part of the Vaiood Oblast (along with Lower Vaiood and Pey), which was an oblast of the Russian Empire. These regions split off during the 1920s as a safe haven for the White forces during the Russian Antarctic Civil War. Upper Vaiood was among the founding members of Bellinsgauzenia in 1926. During the 1930s, portions of the governorate were ceded to the new Federal District.

Much of the governorate includes the Southern Antarctic Ice Cap, with the rest of the governorate predominantly having a tundra climate. The largest industry in the governorate is fishing.

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