"Nick the Coolest"
Born Nick
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Other names Nick, Nicktc, Caon, Admiral Caon
Occupation Gaming, school
Known for SWFanon works
Notable work Admiral Caon

Well hello there. I'm Nicktc, welcome to my profile. Other names I use are Nick the Coolest, Admiral Caon or just Caon. My hobbies are gaming, writing fan fiction, and reading. When I write fan fiction, it is usually on Star Wars Fanon. I've got a large database of character on Star Wars fanon, because of the time I spent there. I still lack the inspiration the write much here, although I'd definitely be up for some.

I currently am a member of the Damalias Untold universe, where I lead several nations. I personally do not intend to continue much of this universe, and rather just edit the existing universe, although I'm not overly fond of editing existing history, hence my lack of it. I hear you thinking "what inspires you to write on Star Wars Fanon then?". Well, the answer is quite simple, there I can go beyond the existing universe.

I also have my own wikia, although most are exclusively for selected people. However, you're welcome to my Middle-Earth Fanon wiki.

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