Alternative History


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My Timelines

Seger (Currently working on)

Sweden, 1700. Containing the Baltic states, Finland and Sweden itself, the empire, ruled by young, ambitious and cunning Charles XII, controls the Baltic. The strong kingdom is center on the world stage.

Sweden, 1721. The Great Northern War (Wikipedia Article) has battered the once victorious empire, once just one battle away from Moscow. Livonia and Estonia, as well as parts of Finland, have been taken by the Russians. The spotlight has been taken by the Russians. Never again will they rise to be the empire they once were.

What if they had won that battle to Moscow? What if they had won the war that was their ultimate demise and become a world power like they once were? This alternate timeline is what would have happened if they had.

The Eternal State (Dormant timeline- might get merged w/Seger)

The Ottoman Empire, whose motto is ironically “The Eternal State,” survived for more than 600 years before collapsing during WWI. This Alternate History scenario tries to imagine a world where the Ottomans were actually an eternal state and lasted to this day. If this has some historical inaccuracies, please don’t kill me, as this is my first AltHistory.