If you guys enjoy this sort of thing, here's a Cartesian grid with pastel colors and a dot.

Hey! I'm AltHistoryVibes. I'm from the Southside of Chicago, and I enjoy dicking around on here. I like to pretend I'm decent at it.

These projects just sort of spiraled out of control, and I'm loving every second of it.

I also enjoy making campaign logos.

Deutsch wird hier gesprochen.

My Timelines

The main timelines I'm working on are:

There's also the currently on-hold project Justice is the Great End - where Samuel Tilden wins the election of 1872. I'm strongly considering reviving the project. It would heavily feature the Supreme Court.

There's also a potential timeline, still in the planning stages: Bring to them the Faith - a timeline where the Chinese Rites Controversy is decided in favor of the Jesuists.

Some Articles Currently Being Worked on or Planned - a Non-Exhaustive List

Islamic Republic of Arabia (The More Things Changed)

Susan Tsvanigari (The More Things Changed)

California Gubernatorial Election, 2018 (The More Things Changed)

Federal Republic of Syria (The More Things Changed)

Presidency of Sergey Shoygu (The More Things Changed)

House Select Committee on Covert Communications (The More Things Changed)

Shri Thanedar (The More Things Changed)

Justin Fairfax (The More Things Changed)

Gayle McLaughlin (The More Things Changed)

East Germany (Die Mauer Steht)

Union of Burma (Die Mauer Steht)

Kerry Bentivolio (The More Things Changed)

Governorship of Bernie Sanders (The More Things Changed)

Supreme Court of the United States (Justice is the Great End)

War in Belarus (The More Things Changed)

Categorizing Articles

Heaven forbid we ever have "Diplomats" as a category, amirite?


Da Bears. Da Sox. Da Hawks. Da Bulls.

My Infobox

Nationality Flag of the United States American
Ancestry Maternal
Flag of Quebec French Canadian
(un petit peu)
Flag of Ireland Irish
Flag of Ireland Irish
Hometown Flag of Chicago Chicago
Residence Flag of Chicago Chicago
Age 25
Philosophy Coat of arms of Óscar Arnulfo Romero Liberation Theology

Minimalist-black-swan Falsifiability
Yellow flag waving Liberalism

Political Views
Political Parties
Domestic U.S. Democratic Party logo (transparent) Democratic Party

Liberal Party of Canada Logo 2014 Liberal Party
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Logo Die Grünen
Logo der Freien Demokraten FDP (mit Handel)
LD-logo-bird Liberal Democrats
Sinn Féin logo Sinn Féin
Democratic Alliance (SA) logo Democratic Alliance

Languages English language English (native)
Flag of Germany German (ILR Level 3)
Pennsylvania German Sticker Pennsylvania Dutch (Aafenger)
Interests and Hobbies
Musical Interests
Some Political Likes
  • Literally whoever you don't like
Some Political Dislikes
  • Literally whoever you do like
AH Interests AH Pet Peeves
  • Misusing a foreign language
  • Passing a new Constitutional amendment when just passing legislation would have worked perfectly fine
  • ASB shit happens, but people still generally need to react in realistic ways; if you want a specific thing to happen, just make it happen without shoehorning it in

My Favorite Pages (That are not my own)

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