Alternative History

Current To-Do List (2015)

1983: Doomsday

Republic of Florida, USAR, Neonotia (+Louisiana?)

  • Begin writing in fine points of Operation Spearhead, with USAR and Florida establishing joint control over remainder of unconquered Florida. Explain how USAR would end up with WPB; exact extent of the relationship between WPB Protectorate and rest of Florida (Hong Kong type deal?)
  • USAR settlements on Floridian and SC coastline, most likely three or so single town settlements/military outposts, tolerated by Florida for a finite amount of time (50-70 years) before control must be handed over to RoF or its state government assuming reunification between the four nations.
  • Carter Accords, are they on the mainland or Charlotte Amalie? What is the full extent of the future relationship of these 4 states? "Provisional South-eastern United States" type deal similar to CRP-Provisional Canada type deal...maybe. Would likely use ECF dollar for trade, keeping Virgin Islands in good grace even if they leave ECF.
  • Relationship with Torrington must be accounted for. Reaction from EAA can potentially be discussed if the other authors are still around. CSA considered unlikely by South, although maybe Toccoa would be "willing".

Pennsylvania Reunification, Regional Economic/Defense Bloc

  • Definite re-unification between State College and NP. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, likely Republican/Lake (Greens) Unity government for the time being.
  • Northeastern Trade Alliance, name unsure. CoS, CoP, NYR, Toledo maybe.

Option 1: No claims on other nation-states, further growth into Ohio, although Toledo may be provoked by this. Share land border with Niagara.

Option 2: Claims as successor of original CoP, due to governmental continuity in State College. Causes problems with other Penn states.

Spanish Re-Reconquista

Hmm.....this is gonna be a mindf*ck. Is the RoSpain "Arabized" or not? Will fill in more. Anyone lurking here is free to give me their opinion.


Expansions, guerilla fighting by Imp China, possible new base of operations in Inner Mongolia.